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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lush Weekly: #16 Lush Honey and Karma Soap Stack

Hi everyone,

So last week I wandered into Lush Cavendish after attending an event to just....browse (Ha! Who am I kidding???). I was going to pick up my favourite conditioner, Happy Happy Joy Joy, but then as I got to the cashier, I noticed these brightly coloured boxes on display and I LOST ALL MY CHILL!

What Lush South Africa says about this gift set:
Two of our best selling soaps, stacked up for your bathing and showering pleasure.
Enjoy the sweet, honey-toffee scent of Honey I Washed The Kids, and the uplifting fragrance of Karma, with its exotic patchouli and orange oils all in one beautiful package. 

What The Jam Jar says about this gift set:
When I saw these beautiful box sets on the Lush UK site, naturally I wanted ALL of them. I picked up the Karma and Honey, I Washed the Kids soap stack because they're both in my top 5 favourite Lush soaps and I'm on my last bar of Karma soap.

I love Lush gift sets because the packaging is always well constructed and the designs are really pretty and colourful. I always try to buy myself a Lush gift set every now and then to celebrate the fact that my life is somewhat in order :)
Retail price: R145.00

The gift set contains:
♡ Karma soap | 120g 
♡ Honey, I Washed the Kids soap | 120g
(Not a block of cheese and chocolate)

Vegan: Karma is suitable for vegans and Honey, I Washed the Kids is suitable for vegetarians.

The price is a bit ridiculous for soap because if you buy the soaps separately then it works out much cheaper but being someone who collects Lush LE products, I obviously gave out all my monies. But if you are considering buying it as a gift for someone then this is definitely a great gift idea especially when the person receiving the gift hasn't tried Lush before.

Lush South Africa a few new gift sets that you can check out over here.

Until next time..

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Event: TeAwesome Tea and Juice Bar

Hi everyone,

Last week Friday I attended the launch of TeAwesome in Claremont. TeAwesome is a traditional Taiwanese tea and juice bar situated just opposite Cavendish Square mall. They specialise in fresh tea, milk tea, fruity fresh tea, a unique mousse tea, warm tea, smoothies and wachews.

The menu is very interesting ranging from some familiar items and some not so much. With a menu of over 30 items, there is definitely something to suit everyone's preference. TeAwesome offers a healthier option as well where you can determine how much sugar you want added in your tea and their lovely teas has absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Mr Kevin Wu also mentioned that their teas are all brewed fresh in store every four hours or per client on request.
I arrived fairly early and was greeted by the lovely Lesley that assisted for the night. She took me through the menu where I could choose between a milk tea, mousse tea or a smoothie. I chose a Matcha Red Bean smoothie and it was deliciously refreshing. If you're a green tea lover then you would love this smoothie just as much as I did. The red beans kind of caught me off guard because I thought that it would've been like red beans in some sort of syrup but it was just steamed red beans. It wasn't bad or anything, just different but still good lol.
Next on the list of yummy things to try at the event were their vegan cupcakes. They were so adorable and it tasted good as well. They had matcha red bean, chocolate with puffed rice and I think cranberry (I can't remember. It's the old age). I opted for the chocolate cupcake with puffed rice and it was yummy. The puffed rice gave it this chewy texture where the cupcake itself was moist, great contrast between the two textures.
The store got real full so I decided that I would come back the weekend to try some of the other things on the menu and just experience the whole TeAwesome store atmosphere. I went back on Sunday and the store wasn't busy but there was a constant flow of people buying something and then leaving. The store seats about 10 people so it has a very intimate vibe to it. The store design is very minimal which is great and it has amazing lighting. Another minor but cool thing that I noticed was that each table had a plug socket for your laptop or cellphone charger. I know it's something small but it's kind of cool. It's the little things, you know?

I had absolutely no idea what to have but I knew for a fact that I wanted to try a wachew. I wanted something fruity and light so I chose the Mango Blue Tea. Mr Wu explained that blue tea is similar to green tea but it doesn't leave that strange after taste that green tea does. I added half sugar and Mr Wu was kind enough to add some coconut jelly in the mix and honestly it was really good. The coconut jelly was chewy and had a subtle taste of coconut which was lovely.

I also ordered a wachew because I didn't get a chance to try it out on Friday and my mind was freaking blown away by this waffle looking dessert. I chose the banana wachew and to be honest, I thought it wasn't going to be yummy but as soon as I took a bite, my life changed, you guys. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE???? It was crispy on the outside and soft inside with a yummy subtle banana flavour to it. TeAwesome's wachews are gluten free as well! 
Before I left, Mr Wu gave me a Taro Milk Tea with Pudding to try. I knew this going to be good because I'm a big fan of taro ice cream and omg, I was right! The taro milk tea has a slight sweet flavour to it and then these pieces of custard tasting pudding gets added into the mix and it's just heavenly. It wasn't overly sweet, it was perfect! I think the Taro Milk Tea with Pudding is my favourite item on the menu at the moment.
I would highly recommend TeAwesome Tea and Juice bar if you're a bubble tea lover. The menu has a huuuge variety and their wachews are amazing! Their prices range from R24 to R50 (including extra toppings, etc) so it's really affordable for a yummy treat in my opinion.

You can find TeAwesome Tea and Juice bar at Shop 8 Vineyard Road, Intaba Centre, Claremont.

Find them on various SNS down below:

A big thank you to Mr Kevin Wu for inviting me to the event and for being so hospitable when I popped in again on Sunday!

Until next time..