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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review: Nuri Sushi Factory

Hi everyone,

A few weeks back I visited Nuri Sushi Factory with my sister and her husband for lunch. It was pleasantly empty even though it was on a Saturday. The first time I had Nuri Sushi, the place was packed and I waited forever to get my little box of sushi so I was actually quite chuffed that it was empty.
I'm sure most of you know and love Nuri Sushi Factory but for those of you who don't let me break it down for you. Nuri Sushi Factory is situated in the heart of Cape Town's Central Business District and they specialise in sushi, but not your typical salmon nigiri or spicy prawn inari type sushi.
Whenever I speak to people about Nuri Sushi Factory, they will always bring up the Volcano which is basically Futomaki on steriods. They do a type of sushi with biltong which I thought was kind of cool because biltong is like a South African thang. They do fried sushi, no rice sushi and seafood salads as well. You can check out their menu over here. For all my Muslim brothers and sisters, you can request Halaal soya sauce which is a mushroom based soya sauce :).
Personally, I find Nuri Sushi Factory to be okay (Please don't kill me Nuri fans) because I prefer sushi with a fresher taste and I think all the sauce kind of hides that raw taste of sushi. I won't deny that Nuri Sushi Factory is really satisfying but I won't be able to eat it every day like I would Pick n Pay's sushi. It would be a once in a while spoil thing ;)
You can find Nuri Sushi Factory at 8 Parliament Street, Cape Town CBD.

I recently discovered OrderIn and it's probably the best thing ever! OrderIn is a delivery service that delivers food right to your door or you can place your order and pick it up in store to beat queue. I ordered Nuri Sushi last week for lunch and got it delivered to my work address. I ordered my sushi before lunch and got it during my lunch time, which worked out perfectly! It's so simple to register and to place your first order. Also, if you use my promo code, FB022386, you can get R20 off your first order :D In the image below is The "R & R" combo and Veg Rainbow Reloaded.
What are your thoughts on Nuri Sushi? 

Until next time..


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    1. Hey Odette,

      When you visit Cape Town, I hope you try Nuri Sushi out.. The sushi is real good ;)



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