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Monday, April 27, 2015

Lush Weekly: #14 Lush South Africa Mother's Day 2015

Hi everyone,

It's that time again where Lush releases a new collection and my bank account starts weeping. This years Mother's Day collection was a bit of a disappointment for me because there were products that I adored from last years collection that never made a comeback *sobs* however, Lush has released a brand new collection except for two repeats from last year.

Mother's Day 2015:
Mom – she’s a caretaker, a listener, a chauffeur, a doctor, a chef and a friend. Sometimes it can be hard work, so this Mother’s Day treat Mom like the queen she is with a luxurious LUSH invention. Handmade with the finest essential oils, softening butters and beautiful fragrances, each one is sure to help Mom escape from reality, even if only for a short while, and leave her feeling soft, relaxed and ready to take on anything! *
Yummy Mummy Shower Gel:
This super shimmery shower gel will have you turning heads (and noses!). Geranium oil, Brazilian orange oil and tonka absolute are expertly blended together to create one of our most intoxicating, yet delicate, fragrances: Yummy Mummy. Fruity, sweet and dashed with a hint of luster, this shower gel will leave skin unimaginably soft and smelling like scrumptious strawberries. It’s well deserving of its name!

Yummy Mummy shower gel is definitely my favourite product from this range because I love limited edition shower gels and because the scent is to die for! Even though it shares the same scent D'Fluff Shaving Soap, I find that this smells more likes pears than strawberries and cream. My nose might just be a tad bit weird. But the scent is really lovely, subtle but lovely. I had to grab a 500g because the scent is really so freaking good! 
Mother Superior Bubblebar:
This one is the Mother of all Bubble Bars! Mother Superior is as fragrant as blooming cherry blossoms in the spring. Crumble her under running water to release that familiar and intoxicating floral scent as the tub fills with a mountain of skin-softening bubbles. Whether you’re picking up one for your own Mother or for yourself, this is one habit you’ll want to break again and again.

Mother Superior bubblebar is just the weirdest little bubble bar I've ever seen. It kind of reminds me of Finn from Adventure Time because of the colours. Sharing its scent with one of Lush's best sellers, Rub Rub Rub Scrub, however it's a bit more subtle. Think of a clean and fresh scent. I actually can't wait to use this bubble bar because I like the scent. I've been keeping my bubble bars for those chilly nights because who doesn't enjoy a hot bubble bath on a cold night, right??
Love You Mom Soap:
Our limited edition Love You Mom soap is gorgeous and elegant, making it perfect for any Mom. Handcrafted with mimosa and jasmine absolutes, this sudser features an original LUSH scent that’s designed to relax and calm the mind. It’s a great bathing companion for busy Moms, giving them a reason to inhale and exhale to find a little peace and calm in their hectic days. Bonus, they’ll be heavenly soft and scented, too.

The moment I smelt this soap, I was immediately reminded of another familiar scent. Love You Mom soap shares the same scent as Floating Flower bathbomb (As well as the Lust perfume) which was released this year in the Valentine's Day collection. The scent of the soap is way more stronger than the bath bomb so I'm not sure if I will be able to deal with this soap when I use it because I wasn't really keen on the Floating Flower bathbomb. The soap, before it got cut, looked extremely beautiful. Check it out here.
Secret Garden Bathbomb:
This beautiful bomb may look simple, but inside is a secret... it blooms in the tub! When you drop it in the water, Secret Garden froths about you, releasing a fragrant bouquet of rose absolute and sweet wild orange oil, along with rose petals, marigold petals and blue mallow flowers. It has a frothy outer layer, creating a light blanket of foam to sink beneath as your cares float away.

Back for another year, Secret Garden might look small but as soon as you pop it in the bath it explodes with bright colours and a lovely rose scent. I think this bathbomb is extremely adorable because of the bright pink flower in the middle. Even though it's a small bathbomb, it's a slow fizzing bathbomb which kind of makes up for the fact that it's so small
Rose Bombshell Bathbomb:
Rose Bombshell is a brand new LUSH invention! Drop this one into the tub, and as the outer Bath Bomb shell fizzes away it releases a luxurious cascade of real red rose petals and softening salts. Soy milk powder creates creamy, skin-softening waters, and the original fragrance of rose oil, rosewood and orange flower absolute carries your troubles far, far away. It's a whole new level of bathing luxury, just for Mother's Day!

I love the Lush Rose Jam scent but this is definitely not even to Rose Jam. The scent is more floral and powdery. It's not a bad thing because some people might like that type of rose scent but I'm not the biggest fan. Judging from the reviews I've read, this bath bomb seems to be a hit so I'm excited to try it. Hidden inside the bathbomb is a dried rose bud and once the bathbomb hits the water, the rose petals emerge from the bathbomb and floats around in the bath. Nice touch, Lush.
Rose Bubblebar:
Blended into the beautiful pink and white swirls of this bar is the fresh lemon and rose scent of our classic Amandopondo Bubble Bar. With Fair Trade, organic cocoa butter and a gorgeous glimmer mixed in, Rose will create a luxurious, fluffy, skin-softening soak. It’s made with a special extra dense formula, so you can break one bar in half and create two fragrant, bubbling baths.

This bubblebar is definitely one of the prettiest bubblebars I've seen. It kind of looks like The Comforter bubblebar because of the pink and white swirls but it also coated in beautiful lustres, which makes it look even better than The Comforter bubblebar! I'm excited to try this bubblebar out because it contains cocoa butter which is great for the skin and especially during winter, your body needs all that lovely moisturising products!

I really wish that Lush brought the Mumkin Bubblebar back this year because I absolutely love it. It's one of my favourite bubblebars and I'm not really a lover of Lush bubblebars.

There are two more products that is included in the Mother's Day 2015 collection that was sold during Easter in South Africa. You can check out my Lush South Africa Easter 2015 haul to see those two products :)

Have you tried anything from this years Mother's Day collection? Let me know :)

*Side note - My brushes are dirty. I know :(

Until next time..


  1. I wanted to try the Rose Bombshell and Rose Bubble Bar, sad they didn't have them for sale individually. Did you buy the Mother's Day Tin gift set?

    1. Hey Nicola,

      Yeah, I was also very disappointed that it wasn't sold individually. Yes, I did. It was a toss up between the Mum gift set and Mother's Day tin. I took the Mother's Day tin because it had way more Mother's Day products than the Mum gift set.

      Did you get anything from the Mother's Day collection? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.


    2. I bought a Mother Superior, but I haven't used it yet. Like the smell though, reminds me of the Sakura bath bomb

    3. Yeah, they share the same scent. I like / dislike the Rub Rub Rub familly scent. Like with Sakura, I feel that the scent is potent with the Mother Superior bubble bar, it's a bit more subtle. It's so weird lol.


  2. Not sure if it was because of my hectic hayfeverin' allergies, but Mother Superior was a bit *too* subtle for me. The bar does look adorable with that little >.< face though :)

    1. Meaning you couldn't smell it? LOL.
      It shares the same scent with Rub Rub Rub, Sakura and Seanik.

      I know, right! I really wanted a more chubby looking one but Lush Cavendish only had these oblong shaped ones lol.



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