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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lush Weekly: #11 Mumkin Bubbler Bar

Hi everyone,

I'm a bit late with this....uhm soooo...

It's almost that time when Lush releases some new products for their Easter and Mother's Day range. It's been released in UK and in the States already (sobs) but Lush South Africa Easter collection should be in stores mid March and Mothers Day  collection should be in mid April. I will do a separate post on those two ranges in the week.

I was scrolling through my Instagram and I noticed that the Lush Kitchen is bringing back the Mumkin bubble bar for a limited time only so I thought I would do a little throw back to last year when we got it for Mother's Day.

I absolutely LOVED Mumkin because the scent is actually really unique compared to other Lush products. I'm really surprised that Lush hasn't duplicated that yummy raspberries and grass scent yet. I would really like to have a shower gel with the same scent but as far as I know that there has only been a soap (Egg Hunt Soap) with the same scent.

Mumkin bubble bar is big enough to use for two baths. It turns the bath a beautiful pinkish-red colour and ah, the scent is just amazing! I'm not the biggest bubble bar fan because I think the bubbles doesn't last that long but agitating the water makes the bubbles appear again.
Until next time..


  1. Replies
    1. Right. She is so pretty and smells delicious!


  2. It looks like it was inspired by Plants vs Zombies :D

    1. Ermagerd! Yass! I'm so upset that they're not bringing it back this year!


  3. Awesome prize and would love to win <3
    Holding thumbs ;-)


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