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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lush Weekly: #10 Lush Relax Gift Box

Hi everyone,

It's February and I am still getting spoiled with birthday gifts! I recently went out with a good friend of mine, Amina from A Girl with a Camera, for sushi and some chill time at the V&A Waterfront. We also popped in at Lush because she wanted to get some goodies for herself and her mum and she surprised me with a gorgeous gift box that I kind of freaked out about when we were there.
What Lush has to say about this gift box:
Our most soothing, soporific and sumptuous range of bath and shower goodies… all for your enjoyment. Take a deep breath, breathe in, and out, get clean and get serene. We've included our A French Kiss bubble bar, for a beautiful, provençal lavender scented bath. The ever-popular Twilight shower gel is exclusively included in this gift as well – its malty, lavender-y fragrance will leave your body and brain calm, soothed and comforted. And last but not least, Ceridwen's Cauldron bath melt will soothe and soften your skin with mystic sandalwood oil, oats and wildflowers.

What The Jam Jar has to say about this gift box:
I absolutely love the look for this gift box. It reminds me of primary school because the print looks like it was made with blow pens. It's colourful and vibrant!

Twilight shower gel is not available in stores but it's exclusive to this box which is great because getting a bottle of Twilight shower gel from the Lush Kitchen would cost way more than this box.

This box is basically a perfect Lush bath because it consists of a bubble bar for lovely bubbles, a bath melt for nice soft and moisturising water and a shower gel that's filled with lavender goodness that will calm your body and mind and prepare you for bed.

I think this gift box is really worth it because it contains an exclusive product that is not available on the store shelves, it's only available in this gift box and when it's part of the Lush Kitchen menu.

I've used A French Kiss bubble bar before but I haven't used Ceridwen's Cauldron bath melt and I am actually really excited to use it. This 80g cocoa butter and walnut oil melt bath melt is big enough to use for two baths and it retails for R65.00, which is worth it.

I have mixed feelings about the A French Kiss bubble bar. I do like it but I don't. I love the scent but I dislike the fact that it's not as potent when you put it in the water. It's like the scent dies a little. The bubbles doesn't last that long if you don't use the entire bubble bar. It retails for R55.00 for 100g bubble bar.

This box contains:
A French Kiss Bubble Bar
Twilight Shower Gel 100g
Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt
This gift box retails for R235.00.

Would I buy this gift box again?
Yes, just for the Twilight shower gel.

Until next time..


  1. This is an adorable gift box! I love the looks of that Twilight Shower Gel, it's such a cool colour! :)

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

    1. Twilight is amazing! It has pretty silver sparkles in it too!


  2. Replies
    1. RIGHT! You were only cool if you had blow pens!


  3. Love lush! I have a fashion blog with day to day outfits. It would be amazing if you follow me. :)


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