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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review: McNab's SuperCharge Energy Drink

Hi everyone,

Last week I received a sneaky delivery from McNab's. It was their brand new energy drink and at first I was a bit sceptic because I'm not a big fan of energy drinks.
McNab's prides themselves on using natural ingredients. McNab's SuperCharge energy drink has a subtle taste of raspberry and it contains no artificial flavourings, colourants, preservatives or GMO's and it contains 25% less kilojoules than the average energy drink.

This energy drink is halaal (holla!) and suitable for vegans!

♡ Guarana berries – these caffeine-rich berries have been used as an energy restorative for centuries by people living in the Amazon and form the basis of Brazil’s best loved energy drink.

♡ Panax ginseng – this has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural energy booster, especially for people who are worn down by stress and ill-health.

♡ Green tea – contains not only caffeine but a host of other protective nutrients and antioxidants and therefore provides a health-enhancing buzz.

♡ Green coffee beans – these are beans which have not yet been roasted and therefore contain higher amounts of protective nutrients as well as caffeine.

♡ Beetroot – this not only gives this drink its splendidly natural red colour it also comes with benefits. Beetroot juice has been shown to improve delivery of oxygen to the brain and muscles, improving mental and physical performance. *From McNab's site
They have products to suit everyone's preference.

McNab's natural energy products are stocked at most stores. Find out over here if you local store stocks McNab's products.

Find them on various SNS for energy tips and how to live the #BigLife ;)

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review: Benefit South Africa V&A Waterfront Store Launch

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago, I attended Benefit South Africa's store opening launch party hosted by the Queen of Winged Eyeliner and On Fleek Eyebrows, Lisa from Lipstick Lifestyle. This is Benefit's 4th store opening in Cape Town! We were treated to yummy eats, an informative brow mapping session and cute goody bags!

In 1976, Jean and Jane Ford, twin sisters from Indiana, created a beauty boutique with products to assist ladies with beauty dilemmas. Labeled as one of the "friskiest" beauty brand that now has over 2,000 counters in more than 38 countries.

Here's a snippet of the new V&A Waterfront store in Edgars:
Before we left, we were handed a goody bag with some sample Benefit products. I honestly don't believe the hype around beauty products until I've tried it myself for a good few weeks but I am officially sold on some of Benefit products now.

In our goody bag we received:
♡ Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer - R345.00
♡ POREfessional Face Primer - Mini R125.00 | Full size R395.00
♡ They're Real! Lengthening Mascara in Black - Mini R145.00 | Full size R295.00
Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer - 
This eyelid primer with an SPF of 20 contains EnviroDefend complex that's known to help guard your delicate eyelids against sun, smoke and pollutants. Benefit also claims that it extends the wear of eyeshadow for long-lasting color that won’t crease, fade or smear.

This primer has a slight tint to it and I noticed that it cancels any colour unevenness on the eyelid which is great when not applying any eyeshadow. It creates a nice, clean and smooth canvas for eyeshadow application.

The full size Air Patrol has a CushionCalm tip that is stress-free, pressure-free and softer than your pinkie!
POREfessional Face Primer - 
This product is very big in the beauty community and I really didn't think that all the hype around it was true until I tried it and oh boy, I now understand why everyone raves about the POREfessional face primer.

It minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines for smooth skin. The formula is oil-free and complements all skin tones. It also contains vitamin E derivatives that is known to protect skin from free radicals.

A pea size is enough to cover my entire face. The mousse like formula glides on with ease creating a smooth canvas for applying foundation. It has a slight scent which is pleasant and not too potent. It doesn't aggravate my sensitive skin which is great!
They're Real! Mascara in Black -  
I was really excited when I saw that this was in our goody bag because I really wanted to try this mascara without having to buy it first because it is a bit pricey. This mascara also comes in three shades to suit everyone's preference. It comes in black, brown and blue.

Benefits They're real! mascara lengthens, curls, volumizes and lifts lashes making it look amazing.
This mascara doesn't clump or flake which is great for me because I wear contacts and having mascara flake off and potentially going in my eyes is a no-no.

After getting my brows done at Benefit's Brow Bar yesterday, I bought the Real Sexy Steal set because I totally fell inlove with the They're Real! Mascara and the set is so worth it because instead of paying R295.00 for just the mascara, you get two minis in the set as well.

Let's just take a moment to appreciate this mascara brush...
What's your favourite Benefit product? :D

Be sure to follow Benefit South Africa on various SNS:

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Lush Weekly: #17 Lush Merry and Bright Gift Set

Hi everyone,

It's that time of the year where companies are coming to the end of year shut down and obviously that means Christmas parties and Christmas parties means secret Santa. I don't know about you but secret Santa is always a pain for me because what do you get that colleague that you occasionally speak to but don't really know what they're about? A pretty Lush gift set of course.

Lush has a variety of gift sets ranging from R100 to over R300. The thing I love the most about Lush gift sets is how they're packaged and the cute minis you receive.

We each received a beautiful Lush gift set at the Christmas preview event and I received the Merry and Bright gift set. It's so pretty :D
What Lush South Africa says about this gift set:
Dream of a crisp, white Christmas and glowing, party-ready skin. Take comfort from the cold with three bright products for dark, frosty nights. Lather, scrub and get generous with softening Celebrate body lotion, packed with Brazilian orange and cognac oils to add some merriment. Staying in is three times more fun.
What The Jam Jar says about this gift set:
The thing I like the most about this gift set is the fact that it's a 3 step process of products you can use. 
Exfoliate -> Cleanse -> Moisturise.

Rub Rub Rub Solid Body Scrub - If you're familiar with Rub Rub Rub Salt Body Scrub then you will definitely love the solid version as well. Like the liquid version, the solid version contains sea salt that gently exfoliates the skin while Cupuacu Butter leaves the skin moisturised and the subtle floral notes leaves the skin smelling amazing. This product shares its scent with Mother Superior Bubble bar (Mother's Day '15), Sakura Bath Bomb and Seanik Solid Shampoo Bar

Beautiful Shower Gel -This shower gel is part of the new Oxford Street store products and will be a permanent product in Lush stores countrywide (yay!). The scent of this product is very different compared to the other Lush scents. It consists of fresh peach juice and dried apricots and the scent itself is very light and summery. Beautiful Shower Gel shares the same scent with products that aren't available in South Africa :(.

Celebrate Body Lotion - This body lotion is one of my favourite Christmas range products and I'm so glad that Lush brought it back for another year! This self preserving body lotion is filled with Lime oil and Brazilian Orange oil making the scent a very festive while the Cocoa Butter and Almond oil promises to hydrate the skin. This is a limited edition product so get yours before the Christmas range is sold out! Celebrate Body Lotion shares the same scent with First Snow Sparkling Dusting Powder (Another Christmas favourite) and Golden Wonder Bath Bomb.
Retail price: R295.00

The gift set contains:
♡ Beautiful 100g
♡ Rub Rub Rub Solid
♡ Celebrate Body Lotion

You can shop Lush gift sets over here.

Until next time..

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Event: Lush South Africa Christmas Preview 2015

Hi everyone,

It's that time of the year when Lush South Africa releases a bunch of amazing products, some old and some brand spanking new. My favourite Lush collection is definitely Christmas because uh...
1) Rose Jam shower gel
2) Cinders and Shoot for The Stars bath bomb
3) Cute gift sets

This years Lush South Africa Christmas Preview was held at the beautiful Mount Nelson Hotel on the main lawn. It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, skies were blue and a lovely breeze kept us cool while we were oohing and aahing over the Christmas collection.

I'm glad that some old time favourites from last year are back this year. Lush also welcomed some new products which I'm really excited to try.

For bath bombs, Lush released two new bath bombs called Stardust and Yog Nog. Stardust is an all white bath bomb shaped in a star and has a lovely sent of sweet vanilla. Don't let this bath bomb fool you though. It filled with a colourful surprised :) Yog Nog has the same scent as Yog Nog soap however, for me, the scent is a bit more subtle compared to the actual soap, which I like. Lush describes Yog Nog as a luxurious ballistic that fizzes and froths away into meringue like clouds. They brought back some recurring favourites like Shoot For The Stars and Golden Wonder and a few others.

For bubble bars, Lush released a variety of bubble bars to suit everyone's scent preference. Bar Humbug is a pretty looking bubble bar with its deep purple colour and silver lustre. It's is supposed to smell like liquorice but it's not the typical black liquorice scent. It's a lovely subtle scent. Five Gold Rings is a re-usable bubble bar that you swish in the bath to make mountains of pretty bubbles lined with vibrant gold lustres. It smells of vanilla and tonka. Another re-usable bubble bar is The Magic Of Christmas that shares the same scent as my favourite bath bomb, Cinders. I abosultely love the way this bubble bar is designed. Peeping Santa is an adorable looking bubble bar that shares the same scent as Strawberry Feels massage bar.
For soap, shower gels / cream, FUN and shower jellies, Lush released only one new soap called Old Father Time. It has a very earthy / herb scent to it so I'm not the biggest fan of it. Lord of Misrule is actually part of the Halloween collection but I'm really glad that Lush South Africa added it to our Christmas collection. Lord of Misrule has a sweet and spicy scent to it. It's a thick creamy formula which creates a really nice lather. Santa's Belly is a vibrant red colour shower jelly filled with stars and smells like green apples. FUN is such an underrated Lush product and this year Lush brought back my favourite Snowman FUN that has the same scent as the Carrot soap from Easter and there are a few new FUNs as well like Santa and Magic Of Christmas. Roxanne from Rox Starr Diaries and I created a little Santa at the event from the Santa FUN and he looks adorable with his big belly.

For face and body products
, Lush brought back Santa's lip scrub and Santa Baby lip tint and not forgetting my favourite lotion, Celebrate. Lush introduced Christingle which is a fresh minty scented body conditioner that makes you feel all tingly and fresh! Fairy Dust dusting powder is a brand new dusting powder that is a light shade of pink and has silver lustres and it shares the same scent as Snow Fairy shower gel. This year Lush included a shower smoothie called Icing On The Cake, I haven't had a chance to play around with it but I know it shares the same scent with Ponche shower gel (which smells amazing btw). Salt And Peppermint Bark is a sea salt based scrub that's packed with peppermint oil and it smells so freaking good. If I could compare it to something it would be to a traditional minty candy cane.
A big thank you to the lovely Tanya and the Lushies for a whimsical afternoon in the garden ♡

I definitely didn't cover everything because if I did then this blog post would have no end.
You can shop the new Lush South Africa Christmas products over here. But I would highly recommend that you go in store to sniff everything :D

Until next time..

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lush Weekly: #16 Lush Honey and Karma Soap Stack

Hi everyone,

So last week I wandered into Lush Cavendish after attending an event to just....browse (Ha! Who am I kidding???). I was going to pick up my favourite conditioner, Happy Happy Joy Joy, but then as I got to the cashier, I noticed these brightly coloured boxes on display and I LOST ALL MY CHILL!

What Lush South Africa says about this gift set:
Two of our best selling soaps, stacked up for your bathing and showering pleasure.
Enjoy the sweet, honey-toffee scent of Honey I Washed The Kids, and the uplifting fragrance of Karma, with its exotic patchouli and orange oils all in one beautiful package. 

What The Jam Jar says about this gift set:
When I saw these beautiful box sets on the Lush UK site, naturally I wanted ALL of them. I picked up the Karma and Honey, I Washed the Kids soap stack because they're both in my top 5 favourite Lush soaps and I'm on my last bar of Karma soap.

I love Lush gift sets because the packaging is always well constructed and the designs are really pretty and colourful. I always try to buy myself a Lush gift set every now and then to celebrate the fact that my life is somewhat in order :)
Retail price: R145.00

The gift set contains:
♡ Karma soap | 120g 
♡ Honey, I Washed the Kids soap | 120g
(Not a block of cheese and chocolate)

Vegan: Karma is suitable for vegans and Honey, I Washed the Kids is suitable for vegetarians.

The price is a bit ridiculous for soap because if you buy the soaps separately then it works out much cheaper but being someone who collects Lush LE products, I obviously gave out all my monies. But if you are considering buying it as a gift for someone then this is definitely a great gift idea especially when the person receiving the gift hasn't tried Lush before.

Lush South Africa a few new gift sets that you can check out over here.

Until next time..