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Friday, December 26, 2014

Lush Weekly: #6 Review - Enchanted Eye Cream

Hi everyone,

I've been slacking on my blog this week because work has been hectic but as of yesterday after 11:00am, I am now on holiday!! It's much deserved after a year of working myself silly lol.

This week on Lush Weekly I will be reviewing a facial product from Lush called Enchanted Eye Cream.
What Lush has to say about this eye cream:
Perfect for night and day. Only the finest,gentlest ingredients should be used on the body's finest skin.
Put this delicate potion of organic oils, lavender and soothing honey around your eyes to moisturise, refresh & minimise fine lines.

Lavender Honey Water (Lavandula angustifolia), Stearic Acid (Stearic Acid), Organic Cold Pressed Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Glycerine (Glycerine), Cetearyl Alcohol (Cetearyl Alcohol), Triethanolamine (Triethanolamine), Propylparaben (Propylparaben)
What The Jam Jar has to say about this eye cream:
When I ordered products from I got to choose two samples and one of them was Enchanted Eye Cream. I used it for a few days and I noticed a slight difference around my under eye area. I was still not convinced. I then ordered another few products online and chose Enchanted Eye Cream again to test it out thoroughly before buying a full size product. Needless to say, I really enjoyed it because I eventually bought the full size.

For an eye cream, this is actually really runny. That being said, I honestly thought that it wouldn't moisturize my under eye area because it wasn't thick and creamy. And oh boy, was I wrong. I usually apply this cream at night and when I wake up, my under eye area looks fresh. I have wrinkles under my eyes (due to late nights and early mornings) and then I have fine wrinkles as well. I've noticed that after using this cream the fine wrinkles are slowly disappearing and my under eye area looks extremely hydrated and refreshed.
I have eczema around my eyes and this eye cream does not bother it at all which is a plus for me and would be a plus for anyone with sensitive skin.

One thing I dislike about this eye cream is the packaging. Yes it is hygienic because you have to dip your fingers in the product all the time and each pump delivers an untouched pea sized amount of product, however whenever I press down on the pump, the product squirts everywhere lol. I don't know if its just me but I find it very difficult to use the pump because the mechanism is so stiff.

Unfortunately, this eye cream doesn't do much for dark circles :( It does however live up to its promise by moisturising and minimising fine lines.

Enchanted Eye Cream retails for R195.00 | 45g.


Would I buy this eye cream again?
Yes, I would.

Until next time..

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  1. Looks amazing! Would definitely want to try it out myself.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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