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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lush Weekly: #5 Haul - Lush Online

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago, I placed my first online order at I always enjoy going into a Lush store because it's just so much better. I prefer going to the store because I want to feel and smell the products. Also, the Lush fairies are amazing. They are always friendly and helpful. I've bonded with the Lushies in Cavendish and going there always brightens up my day. You get to smell and feel the products and you can ask the Lushies to demo products before you purchase them.

My first Lush order was a 100g Fairy Ring soap. Fairy Ring soap is a limited edition Halloween product. I was extremely happy that we were able to order this online because I was a bit bummed that we were not getting all of the Halloween products. This was one of the products on my Lush lust list.
What Lush has to say about this Fairy Ring soap:
Who is the fairest one of all? Well, you will be after a bath or shower with our Fairy Ring soap! Handmade with fresh mushrooms, this mystical sudser is rich in nutrients for beautiful skin. It’s also scented with jasmine absolute, ylang ylang and vetivert oils to leave a bit of fairy dust fragrance behind. Plus, the soap base we use for this one is 100% palm-free, so you can feel good in or out of the shower!

I thought that this soap would have a very earthy scent because the featured ingredient is Rapeseed Oil but surprisingly it has a lovely sweet scent. I haven't used it yet so I cannot review it but I'm sure I will enjoy this soap.

I collected this order in store because I was not willing to pay courier charges for a soap and I was going to Lush Cavendish the weekend to purchase the Christmas products so I figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone.

It's not available online anymore and I want to kick myself for not getting more!

Retail price: R54.60 | 100g

My second order was to get First Snow Sparkling Dusting Powder and I added a few other products in my cart that were not in stores yet.
What Lush has to say about this First Snow sparkling dusting powder:
Leave your skin sparkling and scented with our First Snow Sparkling Dusting Powder. Packed with an uplifting blend of merry-making essential oils like sweet orange, cognac and lime, it’s the perfect companion for every holiday party. It’s also filled with glittering sparkles to make your skin look like it’s been kissed by twinkling snowflakes. Pair it with our Celebrate Hand and Body Lotion for an intoxicating scent that will follow you from dusk ‘til dawn.

I absolutely love the scent of this powder. At the Lush Christmas Preview Event, the Lushies were making it rain with First Snow on everyone and everything. It shares the same scent with Golden Wonder bath bomb and Celebrate hand and body lotion. This is probably my all time favourite Lush scent. I like the fact that this dusting powder has a beautiful shimmer to it.

Retail price: R120.00 | 30g

What Lush has to say about this Hot Toddy shower gel:
Ruby red and cinnamon scented, our sparkling Hot Toddy shower gel will transport your senses to the warmest reaches of your mind. Come in from the cold and lather up with a fresh ginger infusion and cinnamon leaf oil mix that will keep you cozy on the chilliest days. It'll even leave a delectable, cinnamon-y scent on your skin that's not overpowering - unlike a certain cinnamon-y, heart-shaped candy...any guesses?

Since the Lush Christmas Preview Event I was on the hunt for this shower gel! It smells amazing and it has the perfect lather. I searched high and low and visited every Lush store in Cape Town until I caved and bought a gift box that had a 100g Hot Toddy shower gel in it. When I got home I saw it was available online and a nabbed a 500g bottle before it was sold out. 

Retail price: R70.00 | 100g, R135 | 250g, R225 | 500g

What Lush has to say about Snowcake soap:
Our classic holiday soap is back once again; how could we live through winter without it?! This soft, creamy soap is made with soothing rose and benzoin resinoid (known for its sweet vanilla ice-cream essence) making it wonderfully soothing on dry, winter skin. The almond icing and marzipan fragrance is just what you need during the season of sweet indulgences - it smells good enough to eat! Lather up with our creamy Snowcake and you'll see why it has become a LUSH Christmas classic.

Snowcake is a Lush classic. I didn't manage to get it last year Christmas so I was very excited to get it this year. However, I am somewhat disappointed by it. The scent isn't that amazing. I haven't use it but I'm sure once I do use it I will be less disappointed because let's be real, Lush soaps are amazing.

Retail price: R45.50 | 100g

Lush offers you two samples and sometimes they throw in an extra sample to try out. I chose Enchanted Eye Cream, Ro's Argon, Grease Lightening and another Enchanted Eye Cream. I ended up buying Enchanted Eye Cream because I fell inlove with the sample pots I got. It will be reviewed in my next Lush Weekly post :)

Lush courier charges are actually pretty affordable. The price ranges from R45.00 to R90.00 depending on the weight of the package. All packages are delivered to your door unless you choose to pick it up in store. You will receive a tracking number as well to keep track of your package.
Delivery in Cape Town is really fast. I don't remember waiting long for my package. I think I got it in less than a week. 

One thing I dislike about the store is that they don't stock all the products which is kind of understandable because certain products won't last in courier conditions (if that makes sense?)

I would high recommend giving Lush South Africa's online store a try if you are not near any Lush stores.

Until next time..

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