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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Event: Lush South Africa Christmas 2014 Preview

Hi everyone,

Last week Thursday I attended Lush South Africa's Christmas preview and oh was magical.

Upon arrival at the Superette in the Woodstock Exchange, I was greeted by the lovely Tanya and Nic and then proceeded to ohh and ahh over the new Christmas goodies!

This years Christmas collection has old favourites and some new goodies that has my heart already!

The ever popular Rose Jam and Snow Fairy shower gels are back again for another run and Lush introduced two new shower gels, Hot Toddy and So White. There are some brand new bath bombs as well like Dashing Santa and Butterbear.

Not forgetting bubble bars, there's not 1, not 2 but 3 brand new bubble bars; The Christmas Hedgehog, Drummers Drumming (Re-usable) and Holly Golightly. They've introduced 3 new soaps but I'm sure some hard core lushies can recognize the Baked Alaska's scent to last years Snow Globe.
The other two brand new soaps are Yog Nog which has a very warm and spicy scent and Reindeer Rock that shares the same scent as The Comforter bubble bar.

The new Snow Angel bath melt is a different type of bath melt, not only does it offers the amazing qualities of a bath melt hut it also offers the fizziness of Lush bath bombs.

The new Snowman FUN kit is definitely something I was excited about because you can build your own snowman! In the kit, you will receive 3 different colours, bright orange, white, and black, to make an adorable snowman! The Snowman FUN kit shares it's scent with a product from the Easter collection, Carrot Soap.

Keeping with the Snowman theme, Lush also created a shower jelly this year called Snowman Jelly. Based on the short story and snowman joke ‘Can anyone smell the carrots? Said the snowman’ this shower jelly shares the same scent as Carrot Soap as well.

With a total of 34 products this year excluding 2 products from the Halloween range and gift sets, I think we got really lucky this year.

We were challenged to build a Snowman using the Lush Snowman FUN kit at the Christmas 2014 Preview event. I was teamed with Roxanne (Rox Starr Diaries), Nicola (Wots For Lunch?) and Richard (Richard Wood) and our adorable Snowman won 1st prize! Whoohoo! We got a beautiful Knot Wrap gift that consisted of Baked Alaska Soap, Father Christmas Bath Bomb and The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar. #Winning.

Northern Lights Demo:

Lush Christmas 2014 Products:
NEW Dashing Santa Bath Bomb - R48.50 
NEW Butterbear Bath Bomb - R38.50 
Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb - R46.50
Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb - R48.50
Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb - R48.50
Cinders Bath Bomb - R34.50
Golden Wonder Bath Bomb - R65.00
So White Bath Bomb - R48.50
Father Christmas Bath Bomb - R48.50
NEW The Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar - R54.50
NEW Drummers Drumming Bubble Bar - R89.00
NEW Holly Golightly Bubble Bar - R82.50
The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar - R54.50
Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - R48.50
Christmas Eve Bubble Bar - R48.50
Magic Wand Bubble Bar - R89.00
NEW Yog Nog Soap  - R45.50 for 100g
NEW Reindeer Rock Soap - R42.50 for 100g
NEW Baked Alaska Soap - R45.50 for 100g
Snowcake Soap - R45.50 for 100g
NEW Snow Angel Bath Melt - R65.00
Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt - R48.50
Melting Snowman Bath Melt - R45.50
NEW Snowman FUN - R89.00
Gold FUN - R89.00
NEW Hot Toddy Shower Gel - R70.00 | 100g, R135 | 250g, R225 | 500g
NEW So White Shower Gel - R75.00 | 100g , R140 | 250g, R235 | 500g
Snow Fairy Shower Gel - R65.00 | 100g, R120 | 250g, R195 | 500g
Rose Jam Shower Gel - R80.00 | 100g, R155 | 250g, R245 | 500g
NEW Snowman Shower Jelly - R70.00
Santa’s Lip Scrub - R95.00
Santa Baby Lip Tint - R95.00
Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar - R78.00
Celebrate Hand and Body lotion - R215.00

Oh! by the way, Johannesburg Lushies, if you're good this year, you might be surprised in the new year with something special ;)

The entire Lush Christmas collection is expected to arrive in the upcoming week.

What will you be getting this year?

Until next time..


  1. What an amazingly awesome post hun... Love your photos ♥ Just came across your blog, and I am loving it! I am dying to get my hands on some Lush Christmas goodies but alas I am out of SA till beginning of January and here in Bahrain they do not have a Lush "puts head in hands and sobs uncontrolably"

    1. Thank you so much, Martie :)

      Can't you order it and have it sent to a relative in South Africa? You're missing out on a real treat this year! There's some awesome new products and some good ol' favourites!


    2. Definitely going to do that once all the goodies go live on their website.... Xxxx

  2. What a superb article you have shared my friend!! These items are so creative. This is one of the great NY events. Even I would also like to be a part of such creative events. Thanks for the post dear!

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  4. Great your blog and nice blog pictures.:) Consistently its the same tired songs impacting, pompous Christmas trees and an exhausted Santa propped up on a seat. In the event that that is not your concept of ho-ho-ho, then jettison the shopping center and head on over to one of these Christmas markets. They can be generally as disorderly obviously, however there's something around a Christmas market that makes the shopping experience that bit more bubbly. The following are some of our top picks. Thanks!!!
    Stream Africa Current Events

  5. Great review, love the photography too :) I'm loving all the products they have in at the moment



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