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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Recipe: Vanilla and Oreo Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Hi everyone,

I love watching SORTED Food's channel. I mean, who doesn't like watching four adorably funny guys that's really good in the kitchen??

Over the weekend, I made their version of the Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes but instead of chocolate, I used vanilla cake mix. I came across a few different ways to make this but I think this version is the easiest.

Vanilla and Oreo Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes:
♡ Vanilla Cake Mix (or you could make it from scratch but I'm basic so yah)
♡ Oreo Cookies
♡ Mini flat bottom Ice Cream Cones
♡ Toppings (I chose some colourful sprinkles)
♡ Frosting (After my buttercream flopped, I just used Ina Paarman's Icing Kit. It's awesome and affordable!)
♡ Food Colouring of your choice

Step 1:
Make the vanilla cake mix as per instructions on the box. Pre-heat oven to 180°C.

Step 2:
Crush Oreos and fill the bottom of the cone with the Oreo crumbs.

Step 3:
Spoon cake mixture into the cones, leaving the wider part of the cone unfilled.

Step 4:
Pop those suckers in the oven and bake for 20 - 25 minutes. Once golden, set them aside to cool the eff down.

Step 5:
Prepare butter cream icing or Ina Paarman's Icing Kit. Whatever. Once cupcake cones are cool, pipe some frosting on the top of the cone.

Step 6:
Decorate that mofo!!

I decorated them differently and I like the swirling effect but I don't have the technique to pipe icing yet because I am quite basic.
This is perfect for kiddie parties or if you're into making silly things that might confuse people.

I only made 6 and used the rest of the batter to make normal cupcakes because no one in this house likes to eat the amazingly awesome things I make. Harumph.

If you try this out, don't forget to tweet me a picture :)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Review: Oh So Heavenly's New Angels

Hi everyone,

Okay, so they might not be new anymore because I received this a while back. I've been using these products for roughly 2 months now and I've been thoroughly enjoying them!

In the month of winter, skin tends to become a bit on the dry side and I was really happy to receive some body creams.

Happy Hands Creamy Caress Hand & Nail Cream:
This moisturizing hand lotion is filled with milk proteins and yoghurt extracts that makes hands feels supple and moisturized. I've been using it for a while now and it doesn't even feel empty. One thing about OSH products is that it's really affordable and their products are pure luxury.

The amazing thing about this hand cream is that it provides 24hr hydration and it helps soften hands and cuticles with a soft floral scent. I usually put this on at night and when I wake up in the morning, my hands feel amazingly smooth. Enriched with Vitamin A, C and E and Jojoba Seed Oil, this hand cream is sure to take great care of your hands.

R28.95 | 140ml
Scentsatioins Perfectly Peared Fresh Blossoms & Pink Pear:
I absolutely LOVE the scent of pear for some odd reason. I'm drawn to perfume with pear notes and heck, I even love the scent of pear juice! I really enjoyed smothering myself with this light weight body lotion.

This body lotion leaves no oily residue after application which I like because it feels uncomfortable. It gives skin the moisture it needs and the scent lingers on the skin for the longest time ever. I love lotions that retains their scent once you apply it but I can't stand it when the scent is too overpowering but this scent is just perfect.

R24.95 | 400ml
Scentsatioins Passion Paradise:
I use OSH's Scentsation Body Spritzer in Viva La Vanilla on the regular so trying a new scent was interesting. If I could compare this scent to something it would be the perfect Summers day by the pool with fruity mocktails.

One thing about OSH's body spritzers is that it lasts for a really long time. You would never say that it's a body spritzers. I've been using this and the Viva La Vanilla for everyday use and the scent would linger on my snoods, hair and even my bag strap for the longest time ever.

This affordable body spritzer is small enough to fit in a medium sized bag which is great because I think it's a MUST for females to carry some sort of spray for daily usage.

R19.95 | 100ml
Butter Me Up Naturally Nourishing:
I'm sure I'm not the only one that likes to indulge in some body butter before bed. This triple butter blend of Avocado, Shea and Cocoa Butters helps the skin feel silky soft. Enriched with Macadamia Nut extract and the warm scent of amber and soft florals leaves the skin with a gently fragranced.

This body butter is perfect for dry skin, especially now in the month of Winter. It does leave a bit of an oily feeling afterwards but using it before bed makes it not that bad. There's nothing else I can say about this but the fact that it's moisturizing, affordable and it smells yummy.

R36.95 | 200ml
Oh So Heavenly is available exclusively in Clicks stores countrywide.
OSH has a wide range of products and you can check it out on their website.

Until next time..

Friday, August 22, 2014

Beauty Bulletin: Smashbox BB Cream for Eyes in Medium

Hi everyone,

I received the new Smashbox BB Cream for Eyes in the shade Medium and my review is finally up on Beauty Bulletin :) Yay!

Everything you love about BB Cream, plus everything you'd want from an eye cream! Smashbox's latest game-changer does it all:

♡ Fades the look of dark circles instantly and over time
♡ Reduces the appearance of puffiness
♡ Visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
♡ Noticeably improves firmness
* Information Source 

Read my review here:

Or watch me here:

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Recipe: Chocolate Cake with Royal Dansk Cookies

Hi everyone,

Yes, yes..It's another recipe. Some of you might know that Royal Dansk sent me some yummy treats a few weeks ago. I visited Royal Dansk website to get more information about the brand but then I found some delicious dessert recipes!

Out of the many recipes that the website has to offer, I chose to make Chocolate Cake with Royal Dansk cookies because CHOCOLATE!

After messing up the recipe because like I said before, I'm not good at baking but I try, I managed to save it with more chocolate. That's why it wasn't posted on Thursday :( I'm sorry.

Chocolate Cake with Royal Dansk Cookies:
♡ 7 oz good chocolate
♡ 6 oz unsalted butter
♡ 3.5 oz Royal Dansk Butter Cookies, coarsely crumbled
♡ 2.5 oz hazelnuts, coarsely chopped
♡ 2 oz macadamia nuts, coarsely chopped (I used Almond nuts)
♡ 1.7 oz French nougat, coarsely chopped
♡ 1 tbl spoon maple syrup
♡ Pinch of salt

Step 1:
Chop up the chocolate into uniform pieces. Place in a double boiler. If you do not have a double boiler, melt in a water bath (oven-proof bowl floating inside a large pot with water where you slowly heat up the water on the stove top, but do not let it boil, as the water should not splatter into the bowl) along with the butter. Stir the mixture frequently with a rubber spatula.

Step 2:
Once melted, fold the chocolate butter into the crumbled Royal Dansk Butter Cookies, chopped nuts and nougat and the syrup. Add a pinch of salt.

Step 3:
Pour the mixture into a mini loaf pan lined with parchment paper. Refrigerate for a minimum of 6 hours.

Step 4:
Cut with a bread knife before serving and enjoy.

This cold chocolate cake tastes a lot like chocolate fudge to me. It will definitely please people with a sweet tooth. I would suggest cutting it into bite sized pieces because it is extremely sweet. If your mixture is a bit too buttery (like my 1st attempt) just melt another slab of chocolate in with the mixture. The textures in this cold chocolate cake is brilliant because their are different crunch levels in the mix.

Thank you Royal Dansk for sending me these yummy treats!

Get social with Royal Dasnk:

Until next time..

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Recipe: Basic Nachos with Spicy Guac

Hi everyone,

So after the response I got on my latest Instagram image, I thought I might as well do a blog post about it because I did already type the recipe out for a few people. I told my sister that I get good responses from the recipes I do on my blog and her reply was so simple but so true, she said: "Because people like food". Duh, Naeemah. Anyways, let's get started on the nachos.

I don't have step by step visuals for this recipe because I wasn't planning to actually do a post on this so I'm sorry but here's D12 getting down.
My salsa makes all the pretty girls want to dance, my salsa.
Basic Nachos with Spicy Guac:
2 x Big packets of BBQ Big Korn Bites. I used the normal corn chip and the tortilla chip.
2 x Rounds of Plain Feta Cheese
250g Plain Chunky Cream Cheese
Large size bowl of Lettuce
Medium size bowl of Chopped Onions and Tomato
Large size bowl of grated Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese

3 x Ripe Avocado Pears
1 x Round of Plain Feta Cheese
1 x Handful of Chopped Red Onions
1 x Teaspoon of Garlic (Crushed or Chunky)
Chilli Flakes (Add the amount you would like. Mine was a bit spicy)
30ml Lemon Juice

I didn't really use proper measurements when I made it. Like always, I just winged it lol. It's impossible to mess this up.

Step 1:
Place skinless Avocado Pears in a bowl and mash the crap out of them. Set the oven to grill mode at 110°C.

Step 2:
Once your Avocado Pears are mashed and has a chunky consistency, add Chopped Red Onions, Garlic, Plain Feta Cheese (crumble it in), Chilli Flakes and Lemon Juice. Once all ingredients are added, mash them up some more. The Lemon Juice is really good to preserve the greenness of the guac.

Step 3:
In a sauce pan on a medium heat, plop in some butter and brown the Onions a bit. Once Onions are browned, add the Tomatoes just to cook for a bit. Remove from sauce pan into a bowl. If you know of good salsa sauce then you could add that too when browning the Onions

Step 4 :
Layer the Big Korn Bites chips in a big oven-proof dish (round or square, it doesn't matter).

Step 5:
Ontop of the Big Korn Bites layer, add Onions and Tomato mix, Lettuce and the mixture of grated Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese. Make sure the cheese covers your Onion and Tomato mix and the Lettuce. The cheese creates like a protective layer.
Grill in the oven until cheese is melted and slightly golden. It melts really fast so make sure you watch it while it melts.
Once melted, remove from oven and set aside for a minute.

Step 6:
In the middle of the melted cheese layer, place the Guac and the Cream Cheese and crumble some Feta Cheese ontop of the Cream Cheese.

You can add some chicken or meat and beans ontop of the chips before adding the other layers just to make it more of a meal and not a snack. Other toppings can include Jalapenos, Peppadews, Olives, Salsa, Peppers, etc. You can go crazy with it. I don't think you can mess up Nachos just as long as you stick to the basics :).

Does anyone else remember when Canal Walk's Nu Metro Cinema used to sell Nachos?? Just me? Okay.

Until next time..

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review: Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera in Blue

Hi everyone,

I've been wanting a Fuji Instax Mini 7s for the longest time ever but I couldn't find an online store in South Africa that stocked it so you can imagine my excitement when I saw that Takealot sold it for a reasonable price! Takealot has a variety of Fuji Instax Polaroid cameras.

I chose the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera in blue. The Mini 8 comes in 5 different shades, so you can choose between pastel colours or just keep it simple with black or white. White was my 3rd option lol. It's available in blue, pink, yellow, white and black. There are some limited editions ones but they're aren't available in South Africa.

♡ Instant Film:
Fujifilm Instant Color Film “instax mini”
♡ Picture size:
62 x 46mm
♡ Shooting range / Focusing range:
0.6m – 8
♡ Shutter speed:
1/60 sec
♡ Exposure control:
Manual switching system (LED indicator in exposure meter)
Effective flash range: 0.6m - 2.7 m
♡ Flash:
Constant firing flash (automatic light adjustment)
Recycle time: 0.2 sec. to 6 sec. (when using new batteries)
Effective flash range: 0.6m – 2.7 m
♡ Power Supply:
Two LR6/AA-size 1.5V alkaline batteries
♡ Capacity:
10 prints
♡ Others:
Exposure counter counts unexposed films, film pack confirmation window
♡ Dimensions and Weight:
116mm x 118.3mm x 68.2mm / 307g (without batteries, strap and film pack)
Specification taken from

The Mini 8 is so simple to operate. The button beside the lens switches the camera one. Once you press that button, the lens pops out and the sensor starts scanning the environment and suggests the best setting to use. 

The Mini 8 comes with 5 modes. The 5 modes includes;
♡ Indoors, Night F21.7
♡ Cloudy, Shade F16
♡ Sunny, Slightly Cloudy F22
♡ Sunny and Bright F32
♡ High Key, this gives the image a soft impression

The flash is continuous but it can be diffused a bit by adding a white strip of insulation tape over the flash or even a colour filter over the flash to give the image a unique effect.

The body of this camera is light and durable. It's plastic but not cheap plastic, it still feels very stable. It fits nicely in the hands and it doesn't feel uncomfortable. 

The only thing I am a bit disappointed about is the view finder. It's not on top of the lens so the shot doesn't come as accurate as you see it. 

My first few shots were horrendous! Some were out of focus and some were too dark and some were too light. I took a few of my nieces that came out really good and a few other random pictures. The quality of an image taken correctly is really good as well. I really didn't expect the quality to be that good.

Overall, I think this is a really fun toy to play with. It's affordable and so much better than other film cameras. The Mini 8 works out much cheaper than my Diana F because I don't have to go to a store to get my images developed and the Mini 8's film is cheaper than lomography film. I'm definitely enjoying this little camera.

What do you prefer? Digital or film?

Until next time..

Monday, August 4, 2014

Review: Perfumes of the Month

Hi everyone,

I'm sure those who follow me on instagram saw my confession about my hoarding regarding perfume. Now I have a big collection of perfume but I've been leaning towards four certain perfumes for the past few weeks.

I can't leave my Minaj army behind because I'm sure you know that I love Nicki Minaj and her perfumes!

Perfumes of the Month
Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj:
Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj - 75ml | R495.00
"Sassy. Fearless. Feminine.

Get your world spinning with Pink Friday, an intoxicating floral musk. Sparkling with mouth-watering fruits, the fragrance imparts a playful cloud of pink floral petals that whisper the sultry warmth of vanilla, skin musks and woods.

Striking from all angles, the stunning statuesque bottle, just like Nicki, shines in the spotlight. Make life fearlessly fun with this intoxicating fragrance." - Pink Friday Website

♡ Heart notes -
    Lotus Flower, Jasmine Petals
♡ Top notes -
    Starfruit, Italian Mandarin, Boysenberry
♡ Base notes -
    Vanilla, Carmelized Pear, Musks, Woods

Pink Friday will always hold a special place in my heart because it's Nicki Minaj's first fragrance and because it's named after her first ever album that basically started the whole Pink Friday empire! I've been a Nicki Minaj fan since her ratchet ass mixtapes and seeing how much she accomplished since then is amazing and very inspiring. 

This scent reminds me of Summer. It's floraly but not overpowering. Most celebrity perfumes smells the same but this one is totally different than other celebrity perfumes. The funny thing about this perfume is when I tell people I'm wearing Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj, they're actually surprised because you would think it's the same tacky celebrity scent instead it's this gorgeous light scent perfect for Summer.

This is a Eau de Parfum so basically it's an oil based perfume and the scent does last a while and sometimes the scent lingers in my hair and scarfs. I would rate this scent life 8 ½ out of 10.

Minajesty by Nicki Minaj:
Minajesty by Nicki Minaj - 75ml | R495.00
"Sultry. Glamorous. Confident.

Rule your queendom with Minajesty. This sultry floral gourmand scent reigns with luscious fruits and luxurious fresh florals, draped in creamy vanilla and pure musks.

With its outrageous and sexy presence, the striking bottle is a glamorous statement, enticing fans to collect the next, must-have “doll” in the Nicki Minaj collection." - Minajesty Website

Minajesty is definitely Pink Friday's younger sister. I find that both fragrances are kind of similar. At first when I spray this perfume, I get a slight orchid scent and then the dry down smells a bit like candy floss. It seems like a much toned down version of Pink Friday. Definitely another perfect Summer scent!

♡ Heart notes -
    Magnolia, Pink Frangipani, Tiger Orchid
♡ Top notes -
    Juicy Peach, Red Currant, Lemon Blossom
♡ Base notes -
    Tonka, Fluffy Vanilla, White Musk

This is a Eau de Parfum so basically it's an oil based perfume and the scent does last a while and sometimes the scent lingers in my hair and scarfs. I would rate this scent life 7 out of 10.
Omnia Coral by Bvlgari:
Omnia Coral by Bvlgari 40ml | R805.00 
"The irresistible gemstone story adds a new colourful jewel fragrance to the collection with an uplifting and a lively personality.

The Coral fragrance is a cheerful and vibrant floral-fruity scent with radiant and joyful top notes of bergamot and goji berries. The heart is filled with tropical florals including hibiscus flower and water lily, whilst the dry down is voluptuous with notes of pomegranate and cedarwood." - The Perfume Shop

♡ Heart notes -
Tropical Florals, Hibiscus Flower, Water Lily
♡ Top notes -
Bergamot, Goji Berries
♡ Base notes -
Pomegranate, Cedarwood

There's just something about this scent that screams sexy pants! I honestly have no idea what it is about this perfume, you guys. It's clean with a sweet tinge. I can definitely pick up the tropical floral notes in this perfume and the dry down smells really good too. 

If I could compare this scent to another perfume, it would definitely be Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne, which I love as well. My sister used to use Ultraviolet so it will always bring back memories of my sister still staying with my parents and before she got married and freaking deserted me!!!

This is a Eau de Toilette but honestly, you would never think it is because the scent is so potent and lingers on your clothing and hair for days. When I put this perfume on I can never smell it on my person but I tend to choke those around me with it's intoxicating scent. I would rate this scent life 9 out of 10.

Candy by Prada:
Candy by Prada 80ml | R1, 139.00
Correct me if I'm wrong on the price, please.
"Prada CANDY is instantly seductive—pure pleasure wrapped in impulsive charm. In an explosion of shocking pink and gold, Prada CANDY takes us on a walk on the wild side, showing us a new facet of Prada femininity where more is more and excess is everything. Magnified by white musks, noble benzoin comes together with a modern caramel accord to give the fragrance a truly unique signature." - Sephora

♡ Heart notes -
Benzoin Overdose
♡ Top notes -
Musks Cocktail
♡ Base notes -
Caramel Explosion

Can you hear me crying about how little is in this bottle? On big occasions I always find myself wanting to wear this perfume because to me it reeks of sophistication with a playful twist.

How to explain the scent of Candy by Prada? Hmmm. The only thing that pops up is the scent of coconut covered marshmallows. Yes, it smells exactly like those marshmallows to me. So imagine a warm sweet and alluring scent. It's definitely not the usual sweet candy type of scent. Also, it smells good enough to eat but don't because it's disgusting, trust me.

Candy by Prada is definitely my favourite perfume of ALL time.

This is a Eau de Parfum so basically it's an oil based perfume and the scent does last a while and sometimes the scent lingers in my hair and scarfs. I would rate this scent life 10 out of 10.

Sidebar: I have NO idea how to describe perfume scents. A for effort, though? Thanks.

What's your favourite perfume? Let me know in the comments below :)

Until next time..