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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Instagram Roundup #1

Hi everyone,

If you're not following me on Instagram, firstly shame on you and secondly here are my last 10 Instagram posts :)
1. Inhale Exhale bathbomb from Lush has a sweet note in the center of the bathbomb. I love surprises in the Lush bathbombs. It's exciting!

2. Bubblegum Ice Cream from Snoekies in Hout Bay was so yummy! We went out for a family day to Hout Bay for lunch at Snoekies. It was extremely full and we waited probably 45 minutes for lunch. I love their prawn poppers so I guess the 45 minutes was worth it. Wait, nah! Who am I kidding??? IT SUCKED!

3. Phoenix Rising bathbomb from Lush is definitely my favourite bathbomb because it smells, looks and feels amazing!

4. Woolworths Vanilla Chai Tea & Typo Glass Mug. I recently bought this Typo mug for R40. Yes, R40! It was on special and for some odd reason I can't pass up anything that's on special.

5.  It's Raining Men shower gel & Honey I Washed The Kids soap is my favourite Lush scent. 
I wish they would make a Lush perfume of this scent. It smells like sweet toffee!

6. Crayfish braai because a family day isn't complete without some sort of braai. We bought some crayfish on our recent family getaway to St. Helena Bay and decided to braai the rest of the crayfish.

7. Lord of Misrule bathbomb from Lush is in my top 5 favourite Lush bathbombs because it smells amazing and it makes me feel really relaxed.

8. Videographer for the weekend, holla. I am a Multimedia Technology graduate but I would really love to specialize in Videography. It's definitely in my future plans to study Videography.

9. I voted! I felt like such a grown up voting and shit.

10. MAC Cyber satin lipstick is one MAC lipstick that I felt wasn't a complete rip off for buying because let's be real, ladies...R185.00 for a lipstick?? Sheeewww. Like I feel sucky buying a lipstick THAT expensive but I haven't come across a drugstore brand that has a colour like Cyber. So I was like, " it!".

Are you on Instagram? If I'm not following you, please comment down below with your handle and I would gladly follow you :)

Until next time..


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, sis!

      It's nice to see that you actually read my blog :D


  2. This looks like fun - may I do a post like this as well - pretty please! "firstly shame on you and secondly here are my last 10 Instagram posts" love this part!

    1. You should :D haha thanks! :D

      Thanks for reading, A.


  3. Just came across your blog and loved this post - I am completely with you on the MAC prices, but their products are so gorgeous! I just make mine last a realllllllly long time ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Kylie :)

      Agreed! I feel that using the lipsticks with a lipliner (I'm using a cheap but good quality Avon lipliner in Plum) with Cyber will make it last longer because I won't be applying a lot of product on my lips.



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