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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Review: My Pretty Face Place | Online Store

Hi everyone,

I've been getting A LOT of questions about where I purchased my eos lip balms. My sweetest bestie bought me 4 flavours when he was in New York and then I purchased 2 more online and I purchased an eos holiday gift set that included an eos lip balm and an eos hand lotion.

And now Jammys, I would like to introduce to you a  website called...

I done a little interview with Samantha from My Pretty Face Place and here's what went down...

TJJ: Where did the name My Pretty Face Place come from?
MPFP: The name My Pretty Face Place developed over time. We wanted a name that would make our customers feel comfortable, like this was their space to browse, shop and find the things they want at amazing prices (In Australia the Core Collection is over double the price in the US! Insane!). And all of our customers are beautiful, so we knew we could fit the word "pretty" in there! We just really wanted to name to reflect that the store is about you, our customer. Our goal is to make you happy, and this is your place to find all the things that make you feel pretty. 

TJJ: How did it all start?
MPFP: Fortunately for me, Real Techniques is very available in the United States. My first set of Real Techniques brushes was the Core Collection, and it was instant love! I, like many of our customers, wanted to find a bargain and buy more. My fiance was searching the internet for me and saw that prices on Real Techniques were actually higher online as people tried selling them internationally. So, we saw an opportunity and began selling Real Techniques. We started working with the manufacturer and were able to start selling Real Techniques around the world at US prices. It's really fun talking to people from all around the world everyday! 

TJJ: How long have you been running this amazing online store?
MPFP: We started our own website in July of 2013.  It's incredible to see how it's grown. 

TJJ: Which brands do you stock? 
MPFP: The products you will always find in stock on My Pretty Face Place are by Real Techniques, EcoTools, Sigma Beauty, eos and e.l.f. Cosmetics. We are trying to create partnerships with additional brands to offer more to our customers, but it's difficult for a new website to do that right away. We do add products when we find a deal on them, such as NYX, Stila, and we still have a few of the Lorac Pro Palettes available after getting a ton of requests! 

TJJ: 5 years from now, where do you see My Pretty Face Place?
MPFP:: In every man, woman and child's web history. Just kidding (sort of)! Five years from now, I hope to see My Pretty Face Place as a well established, thriving store that offers our international customers the brands they want that are hard to find in their countries. Right now we're trying to work with different shipping companies to see if we can get better prices on shipping and quicker delivery. That would be amazing, and is a top priority right now. We have so many ideas that we throw around, but it will take time to make those a reality. Hopefully in five years we will see all our visions come true! 

My experience with My Pretty Face Place:
I placed my order a week before my birthday because one of the products were on my Birthday Wishlist and then I got immediate confirmation saying that my payment has gone through and it has been shipped off. Attached was my tracking number as well. I was excited!
I only got it a month later (I'm guessing because of the Post Office strike in the Western Cape). When I finally received my goodies, it was tightly sealed so there was absolutely no damages or any tampering with my package. The first thing I pulled out of the package was my invoice that had a cute hand written note on it. Now this written note really showed a lot. It showed that My Pretty Face Place values their customers and that they actually take note of what their customers tweet. Samantha thanked me for my order and wished me a happy birthday, you guys. Honestly, I thought this was so thoughtful. See the note here.
My exact reaction!
Now the main reason why I love My Pretty Face Place so much is because they are SO affordable! I've been searching all over for genuine eos products because I have come across a few stores that are selling fake eos lip balms (according to some of the reviews) so you can imagine my excitement when I saw all the good reviews from My Pretty Face Place because I finally found a reliable store! It's $3.99 (ZAR42.40) for one eos lip balm and shipping depends on the weight of the product. The way I see it, the shipping cost would be the price of me getting my father to drive me to the mall and back and thinking about it like that makes sense for shipping to be over R50.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the service of My Pretty Face Place. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in buying international products from a trustworthy site.

Connect with My Pretty Face Place:
Facebook: My Pretty Face Place
Twitter: @PrettyFacePlace
Instagram: /MyPrettyFacePlace

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to interview and write this post on our site! I'm so happy you found our site and have been pleased with your experiences :)

    1. It's a pleasure, Samantha :)
      I seriously wish I could buy everything on your online store lol.

      Thank you for reading!



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