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Monday, February 24, 2014

My Day in Pictures #1: V&A Waterfront with bestie

Hi everyone,

My Sunday consisted of a day out at The V&A Waterfront with my friend from Primary School. I can't believe that we're actually still friends because I don't really keep friends for that long. I have so much love for this girl.

Anyways, we decided to go to The V&A Waterfront for a "girls day out" and like always, it was fun!
Nousheen hasn't tried Bubble Tea and Simply Asia before so we made a plan to tick them off on her Bucket List lol.
1. Bubble Tea was our first stop. I had my favourite combo which is Ceylon Black Tea, Mango Syrup and Peach Nata de Coco. Nousheen had a Ceylon Black Tea, Passion Fruit Syrup and Peach Nata de Coco. She reckoned that mine tasted better.

2. Readers Warehouse has a pop-up shop at The V&A Waterfront outside behind the Wheel of Excellence and seeing that Nousheen is a avid reader, we popped in for a bit to look around. I found an adorable Hello Kitty story book in the kiddies section because I like books with pictures.

3. Outside by the amphitheater there were a few soccer enthusiast doing some awesome soccer stunts. I got some cool shots of them doing their thang.

4. Seeing that Nousheen is graduating this year, she wanted to look for a dress for graduation and she absolutely loves YDE's fancy dresses. We totally forgot that YDE hosted their famous Naked Sale and when we got there, the rails were empty lol. 

5. We both wanted some Sushi and seeing that Pick n Pay is the only halaal Sushi place in The V&A Waterfront, we decided to order some Maki, California Rolls and a Hand Roll. We shared the platter because we wanted Simply Asia also lol. I love Pick n Pay's Sushi. It's affordable and it's yummy!

6 & 7. After we had our Sushi, we had Simply Asia. I think the family seated next to us probably thought that our parents don't really feed us because of all the things we ate -_-
She had the famous Ba-Mee Prik-Phao, aka 514 and I had the yummy Taud-Man Khao-Phod, aka Sweet Corn Cakes with Sweet Chilli Sauce.

8. I told myself that I won't go into Lush because I have over enough beauty and bath products but something just told me, "Hey, you should go in. You know, just to browse and stuff", and boy was I glad to listen to that creepy voice inside! I walked in and my eyes fell on the most gorgeous bath ballistic ever!

9. Oh, Cape Town. Stop showing off, you beaut! 
The silky clouds started cover our gorgeous Table Mountain and it looked super pretty!

And that's basically how I spent my Sunday :) I had such a chilled day and I was so happy to see my long lost friend!

Oh! I saw one of my fellow bloggers, Namu, that blogs for Life and Times of the Fireflies. We bumped into each other at The Body Shop. I strongly held back the urge to purchase anything from the Blueberry collection! Yay me! 

What did you get up to on Sunday?

Until next time..


  1. Was great bumping into you! My daughter is absolutely addicted to those stores. Lush is her favourite too :-) I use it as reward bait for good results in school ;-)

    1. LOL! Smart mommy trick ;)

      I think I should go shopping with your daughter at Lush :D

      Thanks for reading, Namreen!


  2. Ahhh sounds like a really relaxing day! *sigh* I’ve forgotten what those are like nowadays.

    Hope you enjoy the Lush products Hun! mwah!


    1. It was good :) I was so glad she spend some time with her before her life gets hectic. Like it was so difficult to plan a day to go out because of me lol.

      Thanks for reading, Rushda :)



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