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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wishlist | Birthday 2014

Hi everyone,

Firstly, I'm sorry. I've been slacking in posts again. Recently, I went for an operation and the aftermath put me off my daily duties for two weeks. I am still recovering but I can do light work for now. I've been hating being at home and in bed because before the operation, I was the busiest person on Earth and now I'm sleeping...all day, err'day! (Damn, you medication)

Secondly, It's almost my birthday! Yay! I am turning 22 this year and I'm not even excited lol. I don't know why but my birthday never phases me. I feel awkward when people wish me and stuff.

Last year, I just wanted a big ass cake and a family day but instead I got a massive surprise party and an amazing camera (Shukran awesome family of mine).

So here is to being 21...BYE!

My flucking amazing cake!
Designed by my epic sister :D

Birthday Wishlist 2014
So let's get started on my wishlist.
These are a few items I hope to purchase on my birthday. Some of the items I do have but I would really like to get another one. You know, just in case lol.

A few things I've been longing for.
1. MAC - Instigator and Studded Kiss
I saw these two stunning colours online and I would really love to purchase them on my birthday. I have a thing for dark lipstick. I feel that light lipsticks don't really suit me.

2. eos - eos lotion
I recently ordered this online on My Pretty Face Place in hopes to get it for the week of my birthday. I ordered it in a set with the Blueberry Acai eos. I am so excited to see my eos lipbalm collection grow :D

3. Nicki Minaj - The Nicki Minaj perfume collection
Sigh...Let's not start with Nicki Minaj's perfume line. I like NEED them all!

4. Orms - Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash
I need a flash for my camera for night time photography. I hardly have any night time shots and it sucks because my portfolio seems a bit empty.

5. The Body Shop - Festive Deluxe Cranberry Joy Gift Set.
I fell inlove with this scent after buying the Cranberry Joy Reed Diffuser. It smells SO good.

6. The Ramp Store - Leaf Bun-Hugger
I love wearing my sock bun and I think this hair accessory from The Ramp is so stunning! 

I love Essence products. I find that their My Skin range is very gentle on my sensitive skin and it's affordable and the best part is that the quality is so amazing! The Me & My Ice Cream range is definitely my favourite. I am hoping to see it soon in South Africa! 

I love Essence!
1. Essence - My Skin caring cleansing wipes in Pomegranate & Bamboo.
2. Essence - Beauty Blender Sponge 
3. Essence - My Skin soft cleanser gel in Lime & Cucumber
4. Essence - Me & My Ice Cream baked eyeshadow in 01 Cone Head
5. Essence - Me & My Ice Cream wet wipes
6. Essence - Me & My Ice Cream cream blush in 01 Ice Bomb

Oh Lush, you are so beautiful to me. These are some of my favourite Lush products and I love having a good stash of them. You know, just in case ;)
Phoenix Rising is one of the products we don't get in South Africa :( So it would always be on my Lush Lust List :( 
I'm really excited for the Valentines Day range and a little Lush birdie told me the collection will arrive the last week of January :) Yay!

Oh Lush, you will always have my heart.
1. Lush - Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner Hair Perfume
2. Lush - Shimmy Shimmy Bar
3. Lush - MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment
4. Lush - Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb
5. Lush - Lust Soap
6. Lush - Twilight Bath Bomb
7. Lush - Space Girl Bath Bomb

And then there's this...The Lots of Love box
I so badly want this box because it has most of the Valentines Day collection items and one of my favourite scents of Lush products; Rose Jam :D.
I absolutely LOVE Lush's Valentines collection!
The box contains;
1. Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
2. Rose Jam Bubbleroon
3. Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
4. Prince Charming Shower Gel
5. Neon Love Soap
6. Close To You Massage Bar
7. Chou Chou... I Love You Toothy Tab
I think that Typo is every designer's paradise. I love their quirkiness and unique designs. I love stationary because it makes me happy lol. As a digital designer, I don't actually spend a lot of time drawing in notepads so it's a bit weird that I find the need to always buy notepads and blame being a designer for it.

Oh Typo :)
1. Typo - Study Mate
2. Typo - These two notepads
3. Typo - A whiteboard and whiteboard marker
4. Typo - Travel Backpack

And that is my wishlist. I probably won't purchase most of these things for my birthday but whenever I do purchase it (even if it's in July) it will be for my birthday lol. I will definitely do a Birthday Haul video after my birthday. Yay!

PS. When's your birthday? :)

Until next time...


  1. I love everything on your wishlist!!
    I'm going to hint my ass off for that Lush Vday set, no doubt!!

    1. LOL! Omw! LJ, yes you should! You deserve it :D And remember to share with Libby, okay?? ;)

      Thank you, my dahling!



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