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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Event: #EndlessSummer at Wakaberry Kloof Street

Hi everyone,

I was lucky enough to attend the exclusive Endless Summer Party at Wakaberry Kloof Street with my awesome bud last week Friday. After a long and stressful week it was the perfect event to just relax and unwind with a bowl of yummy FroYo.

What is Wakaberry?

Wakaberry is an interactive self-service frozen yoghurt bar that was established in Durban, May 2011. They offer 100% real frozen yoghurt which is low in fat, Halaal certified, gluten free, egg free and dairy free! Uh, can I get a HOLLA???

They offer wide variety of FroYo flavours and some different to your norm flavours like Condense Milk. They have so many different toppings to choose from as well, from fruit and nuts to cereals, chocolate to sweeties and sauces. 

Wakaberry is really affordable compared to other FroYo outlets in South Africa. They weigh your FroYo R11.00 per 100g.
R 50 can get you two bowels full of goodness!
The event was so chilled and very intimate. We got to mingle with the awesome Wakaberry staff and stuff our faces with unlimited FroYo! We were the first people to try out their new exciting flavours, Choc Malt and Tropical Guava. Choc Malt is definitely my favourite. It tastes like chocolate yoghurt (shocker) but a bit sweeter to me.
Besides the yummy foods, Stream drinks on tap and FroYo, we were treated to some awesome tunage by Holiday Murray and yummy Mocktails by Barcode. Unfortunately, I didn't taste the Mocktails but they looked sooo good!

Two new flavours that launched this week! 
Holiday Murray
Barcode Bartenders
Foooooooooooooooood :D
FroYo | Speckle Eggs | Toppings | My fav combo
Upstairs they had a little photobooth going on where there were different nautical props to wear and play around with in the photobooth. It was really fun actually. We got our own Polaroid images to make the memories last longer.

Our collection of Polaroids are growing, Amina :D
We got the opportunity to chat with Abonga (the brand manager of Wakaberry) and Luise (she does the Social Media for Wakaberry) and it was a never ending conversation. They are so chilled and kind to their supporters. I wish all companies would have that kind of standard towards their customers. Wakaberry's crew is definitely a fun bunch!

Awesome Wakaberry staff!
Make sure you check out their latest competition and their brand new merchandise!
Win with Wakaberry!
Don't forget to Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter for constant updates. They are really friendly over their social media platforms so don't hesitate to say Hello :) 
Don't forget to tag them in your moments at Wakaberry on Instagram.

** Thank you, Amina for inviting me and Wakaberry for hosting an awesome event! **

Until next time..

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