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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Event: Magnum Pink and Black

Hi everyone,

I attended the Magnum Pink and Black Event at Shimmy Beach Club (30/10). It wasn't what I expected but if it wasn't for the people I was with I probably would've had a poopy time. Buuuuut anyways....

The event was to launch their two new flavours, Pink Pomegranate and Black Espresso. I am not a lover of coffee so I chose the Pink Pomegranate and I kind of enjoyed it. I don't usually eat creamy suckers for some odd reason. What really intrigued me about the Pink Pomegranate is that it has a shimmer to the hard chocolate which is SO pretty! I love it!

I came a bit late to the event because I had to work but I got there JUST in time for their Twitter Auction. As I approached the entrance to the event I spotted Nabilah getting her nails done at the Yemaya Express | Nail Bar and I saw my amazing photographer buddy Amina and the beautiful RuBe's Closet.

I had an awesome time with the girls. Here's some pictures to prove it ;)

Yay! Go Amina! Whoohoo!
 And the best picture of the day was...................

Until next time..

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