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Monday, November 11, 2013

Canal Walk - Mini Haul #1

Hi everyone,

So on Saturday I spent the day with my awesome Twitter buddy, Amina, at Canal Walk.
I was supposed to do my first vlog but the assholes at Obey Your Body totally messed up my vlog and spoilt my vloggy mood -_- Is it just me or they like really persistent on selling their products?? Expect a little rant soon.


We checked out the Magnum SA's installment at Canal Walk. The installment advertised the 1st ever in South Africa Magnum Twitter Auction. If you hadn't heard about this then uh, are you Patrick Star?? (He lives under a rock)
The Magnum girls were registering people on Twitter and promoting Magnum's Twitter account. It was pretty cool and they gave out the new Pink Pomegranate and the Black Espresso. I actually really like the Black Espresso Magnum. It's kind of weird because I don't really like coffee.

I popped into a few of my favourite stores and got some awesome goodies.
Annnnd this is what I got...

The first store I actually spent my voucher on was Typo.
I got 4 pens to complete my pen collections and I got an awesome notebook. All the items in the store was 30% off :D HOLLA!

Pencil Pen in gold, silver, bronze and pastel pink: R14.95 | Unicorns are so lame notebook: R49.95
I love Typo's Canal Walk store. The energy in the store is always amazing and the staff are so helpful. I am always disappointed when going to their Cavendish store :(

I got some beauty products from Clicks.

Oh So Heavenly Happy Hands - Perfect Pair gift set: R39.95 |
Baby Lips: R24.95
I wanted to buy a new buffer for a really long time now so I decided to get the Oh So Heavenly Happy Hands | Perfect Pair gift set that consists of a nail buffer that has a nail file as well and a 75ml Happy Hands | Soft Touch cream. I absolutely LOVE OSH's products because it's so affordable and the gift sets are packaged so beautifully.

Next I got was some Baby Lips. I've been loving the Cherry Me scent and the first  one I bought is almost done so I thought why not pick up another one and try a new scent as well :D. I got the Peach Kiss scent and AH! I am loving it too! I will be doing an eos VS Baby Lips review soon :)

Essence Lip Liner in Red Blush: R14.92 | Essence Stays No Matter What eye pencil: R19.95
These two items I was running out of so I thought I'd restock it again. I love Essence cosmetics. If I could buy everything they have, I probably would. I only had one bad experience with an Essence product but other than that, they're an amazing brand. LOVE!

Cotton On and Ackermans:

Cotton On Sweater: R50.00 | Ackermans Floral Waterfall top: R69.00  |
Ackermans Floral Waterfall shirt: R69.00 | Cotton On Black Waterfall shirt: R100.00
Can you tell I LOVE Waterfall tops / shirts???
PS. Sorry for the crappy pictures. 
I think I got some awesome sale items (if you didn't know, I LOVE sales. Check out this post to see how much). I usually only buy clothing items when it's on sale, unless I really want it then I will pay full price..which is almost never *shrugs*

I love Cotton On. They always have amazing sales and trendy clothing items. One more reason why I adore Cotton On is that I fit into their Medium clothing items. This is a win for me because I'm a bit plumpy so fitting into a size smaller than what I usually wear is awesome. YEAH!

I usually don't buy clothing at Ackermans. I popped in the store to check out their sandals because Summer is coming up and they always have pretty sandals and it's inexpensive. I walked past a sales rack and saw this beautiful flowery waterfall shirt and I though "*GASP* I NEED THIS!!" and sooo I bought it :)

I think I got a good variety of items in my mini haul.

**Thank you so much Magnum SA for the R500 Canal Walk Voucher :) I really appreciate it** 

Until next time..


  1. I live under a rock... I am Patrick Star... I have the worst case of FOMO right now (I don't even know what it means Naeemah, I DON'T KNOW!!! *cries really ugly*)
    Great haul!

    1. LOL! Omw.

      It's okay. Follow Magnum on Twitter then see all the awesomeness :)



  2. Aaaaaaand thanx to this post I'm going around the house going "Leedle leedle leedle"...yes people, I am 24 and still love Spongebob! Lol
    I love that notebook! Plainly, I'm a sucker for awesome stationary! Also, I've been seeing Baby Lips float around on the blogiverse for quite a while now and really starting to think I should get some!
    Awesome post as always! :D

    1. HAHA! You're never too old for cartoons! Spongebob is the best sponge around town!

      Yes, that notebook basically screamed at me to take it home with me. It was only R49.00! (I don't know why I added a 95c!

      Baby Lips are good. It does what a typical lipbalm does. I really like it more for the packaging. I think its cute :)

      Thank you so much for showing love to TJJ :)



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