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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Jam Jar meets Vintage and the City

Hi everyone,

After having thee worst Monday EVER, I decided to do some retail therapy at a cute little vintage store called Vintage and the City in Long St, Cape Town.
I was lucky enough to win a R500 voucher from the store (Whoo-Hoo! Thank you!).


About Vintage and the City:

I done a little interview with the owner of Vintage and the City and here's what went down...

TJJ:    Can you tell me a bit about Vintage and the City?
VATC: Vintage and the City was born out of my love fashion and strong sense of nostalgia. We stock mainly classic vintage and do a lot of very feminine pieces from dresses to tops and bags as well as some pretty decor items.

TJJ:    What inspired you to open Vintage and the City?
VATC: I come from an environmental work background so the idea of vintage really appealed to me as the garments have been passed down and are being 'reused'.

TJJ:    Which local vintage labels do you stock?
VATC: The labels we stock are Time and a Few Moths, Riya Bella Vintage and Aeroplane Jane.
We have a Joburg supplier coming on board soon as well but that's all hush hush for now ;) (Shhh, little Jammys)

TJJ:    What vintage female / male inspires you?
VATC: There are so many and I don't only draw inspiration from people that only wear vintage. I think a mix of modern and vintage works very well. Its about style and wearing what works for an individual. If I must mention some names I'd say Sarah Jessica Parker, Jena Dover and Tamara Dey.

TJJ:    What is your favourite vintage item that you own?
VATC: A vintage German coat gifted by a friend.

I love these hearts on the gate. It has cute little messages on it.
I was inlove when I walked in the store. The decor is so adorable and I was welcomed with a loving smile from the assistant (I'm so sorry but I totally forgot her name :( She was so sweet and bubbly though! I loved her vibe!).
Racks on top of racks ^_^ lolz.
Cute little dressies
Bits 'n Bobs
Some hats
Cute Vintage tea cup and saucer set.
I wanted to get this for my friend but she chose a stunning pair of green clip on ear rings.
Who remembers the Bashews bakkie?
Jeffery Campbells Wedges for R600. *DIE*
I n l o v e!
Bird Cage
Lamp shades for sale too :)
How gorgeous?
I think the owner, Junaid Moosajee, done an excellent job in decorating this little vintage store on Long St. I am just so inlove with this store but being the little plumpy girl that I am, I was unable to get any of the cute clothing they had. However, the store offers a great variety of clothing items, accessories and decor items.
You could probably find a complete outfit with accessories in the store.

I got this gorgeous sterling silver hand chain for R385 and I've been wearing it ever since I got it.
It's just so versatile and pretty!

They have a range of beautiful sterling silver, rose gold and gold jewelry in the store. I fell inlove with each piece but the hand chain really held my heart (Dramatic, much?).
I've searched everywhere for a pretty hand chain and I finally found it so you can imagine my excitement ^_^

Gorgeous rings
Bracelets | Rings | Ear Rings | Hand Chains
I absolutely loved this double infinity bracelet!
How cute??
(All photos were taken by The Jam Jar)
If you are a vintage lover then I highly suggest you pop into Vintage and the City.
The store - Amazing!
The clothing - Adorable!
The accessories - To die for!
The décor items - Perf!
The customer service - Friendly!

Visit Vintage and the City at 287 Long Street, Cape Town.

Twitter:     @Vintage_City

**A big THANK YOU to Junaid for voucher and for the mini interview. The Jam Jar appreciates it**

Until next time..

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