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Thursday, October 17, 2013

I've been nominated...AGAIN??

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I got nominated by two bloggers (Lisa-Jade from Life Like Mine and Leana Henke from Hipstyler, pretty and Ginger) for a Liebster Blog Award. In my previous post I explained what a LBA is and you can check that out here.
So let's get right into it.

My questions from Leana Henke from Hipstyler, pretty and Ginger:

1. If you could switch lives with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be and why?
Nicki Minaj - A music career, an acting career, endorsed by Nokia, Pepsi, Mattel, MAC Cosmetics, OPI, Adidas, Beats Electronics, Myx Fusions and the list doesn't stop there, has her own clothing line called "The Nicki Minaj Collection", has her own perfume line AND she has a pink Lambo...Uhm, who wouldn't want to be Nicki Minaj?? LOL!

2. Tell me about your favorite pet.
My favourite pets was my two bunnies, Sniffles and Sanchez. My friend was looking for a home for her bunny and I thought "what the heck? I have a home for it, I love bunnies so I might as well take it". What she forgot to tell me that the bunny was a huge ass obese bunny that didn't hop like normal bunnies, it a cat -_- She was still adorable. My sister looked after her while I was at school and she always use to let Sniffles roam around in the house. One day, I was walking home with a friend and I saw my bunny under a car. She looked so scared and helpless! I looked for a box and picked her up and I put her in the box. I walked home feeling like such a hero because I rescued my bunny from dying on the street! I finally got home with this massive box just to find out that my bunny (Sniffles) was actually safe in our house and that I stole someone elses bunny -_- I didn't want to give bunny #2 back so just kept her as well and named her Sanchez. So yaaah, that's how I ended up with two bunnies :D

3. If you could go anywhere on holiday, where would you go – money isn’t an issue.
I would go to Nicaragua, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hawaii, Thailand, USA and Spain.

4. When you run into an ex, what do you do?
5. What is your favorite fragrance?
Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday. Duh!

6. Little Black dress or red lipstick?
Red Lipstick.

7. If the Backstreet Boys were the only guys alive, who would you marry?
Nick Carter.

8. Vampires or Werewolves?
If it's Aidan from Being Human (US) then Vampire.

9. What do you look for an a friend – elaborate.
I need someone that can be crazy with me and that can eat weird things with me too. Loyalty and honesty is a must. Obviously we need to have things in common. Heck, I don't actually know. I'll be friends with anyone who isn't fake. I hate fake people. Like just go shoot yourself, fake people.

10. What is your best colds and flues remedy?

So I will be tagging another 10 bloggers to answer the questions in my previous nomination post.

And the nominations are:
1. Yumna - Cooked Culture
2. Iptishaam - Stitched The Blog
3. Imka - Glamorous Glitter
4. Nicole - Budgetista Fashionista
5. Chanelle - Melting Marshmellow
6. Lauren - CKO - Cool Kids Only
7. Lauren - Lipgloss Ninja (Waka!)
8. Mishka - Call Me Zeena
9. Charlene - High Heels and Fairy Tales
10. Layla - The Ethereal Deal

My questions for you ladies are as follows:

1. While you are writing a blog post, which position is most comfortable? (Laying down, sitting up, half up half down, etc)
2. What do you listen to while blogging? (Music, audio books, tv for background noise lol, etc)
3. Which beauty item is your holy grail?
4. What's your favourite tv show?
5. If you had to pick between a muffin and a cupcake, which one would you take?
6. How many times have you burnt yourself with a hot styling tool? (Lol all girls (and some guys) somehow have burnt themselves)
7. If you could be any Disney character, which one would you be? and Why?
8. Horror? Comedy? Action? Thriller? Romcom?
9. Fill in the missing words: I would rather "_______________" than "_______________"
(Ex: I would rather eat cockroaches than touch the sledgehammer from Miley Cyrus' Wreaking Ball video)
10. If you could have anything made in your honour, what would it be? and Why? (Perfume, clothing line, jewelry, makeup products, etc)
11. Coca-Cola or Pepsi or ________? (I  ♡ Pepsi, btw)

Thank you so much Leana for nominating me ^_^
It's the best feeling ever :D
Until next time..


  1. I see your questions and I might end up raising you some more :)

    I will link you when the post is up :)

    1. LOL!

      I am excited to read it ^_^



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