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Friday, August 16, 2013

My Week In a Nutshell...

Hi everyone,

So lately I've been very disorganized with myself. I have no idea why but I can't seem to grab life by the balls.

Gross but its funny!
Laugh with me :)
On Monday, I started with my post about the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2013.
I started editing my pictures and jotting down the different things I was going to write about each designer.
I don't know why but my blogpost didn't save..I opened the post and all I saw the title.
Face palm
So I'll be starting over tonight and finish it by Saturday. Hopefully.

I've been coming home from campus around 9pm almost every night because it's my last term at campus and it's such a short term as well. Next term I'll be interning somewhere. I've been stressing so much because of this whole internship thang because I am scared I won't get placed somewhere.
Being a Multimedia Student is tough, guys.

Before I end this little post about my crappy week I would like to say thank you to Xana Do Blog for blessing me with an amazing Rimmel Hamper & a designer scarf by MiliJo all to the value of R600.00.. EEK! Thank you so much :')
Happy pineapple likes its.
She's currently running to be the Ruby Royal Ambassador for Rubybox. Farzaanah is an amazing makeup artist. Make sure you check out her portfolio to see her beautiful work. We've chatted on Twitter a few times and she is just so sweet. You can see if someone is genuinely sweet or just a phony bolony, and she is amazingly sweet!

Please vote for her by clicking on the link below.

Visit her blog here for amazing beauty tips too.

Check out my favourite video of the week :)
Inner Beauty Make Up Tutorial

IISuperwomanII has become one of my favourite YouTube stars. She is so talented and I can relate so much to her, especially the way she explains things. This video addresses most of the issues females go on about. This video was made in such a clever way. I really advise you to just a few minutes out of your day to watch this video. 

And lastly,

With love: Naeemah
Have an amazing and safe weekend, Jammys.

Until next time...


  1. I need that poster with them balls. Lol

    1. I can draw kinda good.
      Don't be surprised when you open your closet and there's hairy balls staring you in the face ^_^


  2. LOL this post really funny...and boy can I relate to the stressed student & not being able to grab life by the balls. My friends and family complains that they don't get to see me anymore. Goodluck with the rest of the semester :) lets hang in there LOL.

    1. Yes! In my third term I never saw my family for like a week -___- I overnighted at campus with my group then left at 6am to wash and get some lunch then off to campus at 8am again.. Life of a student -______-

      You too, hun!



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