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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2000 Page Views!

Hi everyone,

So The Jam Jar just hit 2000 page views...

I am so grateful :')
I appreciate everyone for taking the time to read my blog, even if it was just one post or even if it was just a glance. I know 2000 page views is not a big thing but it is to me because I didn't expect my blog to take off the way it did. I didn't expect it to be recognized. I didn't expect people to bother reading the nonsense that's going on in my head. Thank you so much, Jammys.

And now...
Let's dance!!!
Work it, Nick Muller!

** Keep an eye out for a 2000 page views giveaway soon **

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review: Charmed Candles in Vanilla Coffee

Hi everyone,

If you are following me on instagram, you probably saw that I instgramed a video of my Charmed Candle. A few weeks back I got an inbox from a gentleman called Steven saying that my name was drawn in a lucky draw to receive one of their lovely candles so last week I received a pretty package from Charmed Candles.

Who is Charmed Candles?

Charmed Candles is a family owned business established in March 2012. They produce unique candles with a little surprise in the wax.
"We immediately saw a niche in the South African market where we could establish our own local brand of stylish candles that, we believed, our customers would absolutely love. We set to work to learn all there is to know about manufacturing high quality fragrance candles, bought all the equipment and started experimenting with different waxes, scents and colours. It was all a bit overwhelming at first but once we found the best wax to use and the fine balance between the scent to wax ratio, we knew we had created something special" - Charmed Candles
I love that they are an Eco-friendly company. The wax that they use for their stunning candles are made with natural wax that comes from palm berries. Fine out more here.

They have a variety of candle scents fit for every mood. From Apple Caramel to Vanilla Coffee.

Vanilla Coffee smells so yum!
What I find so interesting about this candle company is that each candle comes with a bracelet and a special charm. Their charms are made of silver and are valued between R120 - R500 and on occasion they would place a charm in a candle to the value of *sit down for this, Jammys* R5000!
I think this is such a clever idea because this hasn't been done in South Africa before.

The bestest thing about this company is that 10% of all sales go in support of the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation of South Africa.

Check out their different candle collections to find the perfect Charmed Candle for yourself :)

Some of the scents are:
♥   Apple Caramel
♥   Chinese Spice
♥   Fruit Salad
♥   Lavender Lux
♥   Mango Coconut
♥   Milk & Honey Sandalwood
♥   Rose Geranium & Sandalwood
♥   Roses
♥   Musk
♥   Strawberry & Vanilla
♥   Turkish Delight
♥   Vanilla Coffee

My experience: 
When I got home from campus last week, there was a package on my bed and I was SO excited to open it because who doesn't love opening packages wrapped in brown wrapping paper??

Inside I found a dark purple almost black box and enclosed was a beautiful Charmed Candle protected by shimmering silver package worms and I found a pink organza baggy with a silver bracelet inside.

I immediately took it out and lit it :D at first I couldn't smell anything besides a waxy smell. I gave it some time and when I came back into my room I was attacked by a gorgeous, warm, luxurious smell of Vanilla Coffee.

After an hour of burning the candle a silver foil packet started to appear and I was so excited because in that packet was my cute charm ^_^ I quickly pulled the packet out with a tweezer and inside was a Teddy Bear charm with a heart on its tummy.

Check out my Instagram video about my first experience using my Charmed Candle :)


The Jam Jar ratings:
Look / design: 9 / 10
Delivery time: 8 / 10
Smell: 9 / 10
Quality of candle: 9 / 10
Quality of charm and bracelet: 9 / 10
Price: 7 / 10
Overall: 9 / 10

It is a bit pricey but the quality makes it worth the price. 

Price range: 
Vibe Collection: R270
Candles with Silver Bracelets (Small Link): R350 - R380
Candles with Silver Bracelets (Medium Link): R425 - R455

** They are currently having a discount on all their candles so make sure you check that out **


If you are into scented candles then I suggest that you pick Charmed Candles.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter for updates and specials.

Until next time...

Friday, August 16, 2013

My Week In a Nutshell...

Hi everyone,

So lately I've been very disorganized with myself. I have no idea why but I can't seem to grab life by the balls.

Gross but its funny!
Laugh with me :)
On Monday, I started with my post about the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2013.
I started editing my pictures and jotting down the different things I was going to write about each designer.
I don't know why but my blogpost didn't save..I opened the post and all I saw the title.
Face palm
So I'll be starting over tonight and finish it by Saturday. Hopefully.

I've been coming home from campus around 9pm almost every night because it's my last term at campus and it's such a short term as well. Next term I'll be interning somewhere. I've been stressing so much because of this whole internship thang because I am scared I won't get placed somewhere.
Being a Multimedia Student is tough, guys.

Before I end this little post about my crappy week I would like to say thank you to Xana Do Blog for blessing me with an amazing Rimmel Hamper & a designer scarf by MiliJo all to the value of R600.00.. EEK! Thank you so much :')
Happy pineapple likes its.
She's currently running to be the Ruby Royal Ambassador for Rubybox. Farzaanah is an amazing makeup artist. Make sure you check out her portfolio to see her beautiful work. We've chatted on Twitter a few times and she is just so sweet. You can see if someone is genuinely sweet or just a phony bolony, and she is amazingly sweet!

Please vote for her by clicking on the link below.

Visit her blog here for amazing beauty tips too.

Check out my favourite video of the week :)
Inner Beauty Make Up Tutorial

IISuperwomanII has become one of my favourite YouTube stars. She is so talented and I can relate so much to her, especially the way she explains things. This video addresses most of the issues females go on about. This video was made in such a clever way. I really advise you to just a few minutes out of your day to watch this video. 

And lastly,

With love: Naeemah
Have an amazing and safe weekend, Jammys.

Until next time...

Friday, August 9, 2013

To my beloved Jammys ♡

Hi everyone,

Today is a very special day for all Muslims around the World. It's Eid-ul-Fitr (عيد الفطر).
Eid is an amazing day filled with happiness, family, friends, yummy food and love. Ah :)

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim sisters and brothers an Eid Mubarak and Jumuah Mubarak.
I hope you have an amazing day with your family and friends.

With love: Naeemah
The Jam Jar
And to all my ladies... H a p p y W o m e n ' s D a y! Whoop-Whoop! 
I hope you're having a marvelous day filled with lovely pampering!

I'm off to help my mother prepare for lunch. YAY!
Have an awesome day my Jammys!

Until next time...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ralo Cosmetics Eid Pack - Glam Chick

Hi everyone,

So I was lucky enough to win an Eid pack from Ralo Cosmetics. EEP!

I went into Vangate Mall's Ralo today and the most sweetest sales assistants helped me pick an Eid pack. There are 4 packs and each pack contains a lip product, eyeliner, eyeshadow and blush.

Each Eid pack is R95 with essential makeup goodies.
Bargain! HOLLA!
Each Eid pack was inspired by 4 beautiful females in the picture below.
They are young, talented and so inspirational to all young ladies in South Africa.

4 beautiful inspirational females.
Glam Chick - Nafeesah Kherekar (TV and Radio personality for Voice of the Cape)
Rebellious Radz - Radiefa Peters (Photographer) 
Eccentric Aish - Aishah Cassiem (Channel 4 anchor & producer)
Poison Ivy - Aashia Hendricks (Radio & TV personality for Freshtake)

When I got to the store the helpful sales assistant said I could pick any Eid pack that I like.
I really loved all the Eid packs but one really stood out to me.
I love bright colours but I'm always afraid to actually wear it. So I chose "Glam Chick".

Cute simple packaging. 
This Eid pack consists of:
1 x Brilliant Shine Lipstick in #55 
1 x Twist Eyeliner Pencil in a silverish black colour
1 x Blush in #6                                                     
1 x Trio Smokey Eye Eyeshadow pot in #02                   

How gorgeous is that Lipstick??
This Eid pack is worth R133.00 and you will get all these goodies for R95. 
YES!! Only R95!! I think that's such a good bargain and these products are good quality as well!

Thank you so much to the staff at Ralo Vangate Mall  and Tabitha for organizing everything ♡
I really appreciate it!
Get down to your nearest Ralo or visit their online store and grab one or two or even all four Eid packs :)
Like their Facebook page for great specials and informative makeup tips.

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Where do you find yourself?

Hi everyone,

The Jam Jar is going to the Mercedes-Benz Cape Town Fashion Week 2013!!!

2013 Show schedule
I would like to thank Grazia Magazine for making this possible :)

Be sure to check out their Facebook page and Twitter page for juicy fashion updates!

If you are attending the MBFWCT on Saturday then drop me a comment and let me know :) 
I would love to meet you!

Until next time...