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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Factory Shop Expo Goodies ♡

Hi everyone,

Some goodies I got from the Factory Shop Expo..


PS. Instagram video = Bad quality :(
Sorry my Jammys

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Review: The Bean People - BATH SPRUDELS

Hi everyone,

I attended the Factory Shop Expo this weekend thanks to the beautiful ladies from MilQ and Honey (They are just the sweetest!).

On my way out, I noticed an egg tray full of little bathfizz balls. I'm really loving bath products at the moment so I stepped back and slipped into the stall before I headed out.

The nice gentleman explained what "The Bean People" are all about and their products.
The smell was one of the reasons that attracted me to the stall too and the look of the stall.

I freaking LOVE rainbows!!
On the day of the expo, they were running a special on reject Sprudels. It was R1.00 each and I took five, which I regret now after seeing how MAGICAL these little bathfizz balls are!
"Triple Treats! Bath Sprudels create more fun at bath time! The Sprudel fizzes, slowly releasing a lovely fragrance into the air as it colours the bath water. Hidden inside the Sprudel is a Magical Bean, which soon becomes a cute Bean character. Children can also learn about colour mixing by placing 2 primary colour Sprudels in the bath at the same time. And mums.....No, they won't stain your bath! (nor your children!!)"
(Description from:

Cute simple packaging.
Brown paper bag with an adorable pink teddy stamp.
It's so pretty!
Blue Sprudel. How cute is the name?? I could say Sprudel all day!
The smell of the Sprudels are sweet and it smells like candy floss with a bit of berry too.
I really can't get the actual smell of the Sprudel but UGH! it's really the best smell ever!

The fizz was long lasting and while it's fizzing it turns the water a pretty blue colour and it releases the most amazing smell, ever! My entire bathroom smelt like the Sprudel for hours!

After listening to the relaxing fizzing noises a Magical Bean pops out and starts evolving into a little surprise. Okay, I know what you're thinking.."How old is this girl??" *harrumph!* Even though I'm 21, I really found this so intriguing. I was so excited to see a little something develop. I did enjoy the pretty blue colour it made the water too. It seemed like a bath from a mystical place.
I was so excited that I called everyone in the house but no one wanted to share my excitement *Shmurr :(*. 

This little airplane popped out of the bean once the beans casing melted..

I really love novelty things and this is really something that will make a long, rough day so much better!
It's just so fun and exciting to play around with these Sprudels. It didn't leave my skin dry or tight. 
It felt soft and the Sprudel smell still lingered on my skin. AH! I just love this cute little bathfizz!

Overall, I would so recommend this product if you are into novelty bath products or if you want to make your kids bathing experience 100x funner! 

Please check out their website by clicking on the Pink Ellie :)

From The Bean People's website :)
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Friday, July 19, 2013

What's in The Jam Jars bag?

Hi everyone,

I always love watching this tag on YouTube and it's become one of my favourite tags too.
So, lets get started :)

All these numbers are making me uncomfortable. 
My makeup bag is a green faux crocodile skin Elizabeth Arden bag.
I change my bag according to where I'm going but I've been loving the Studded Cotton On bag I bought from Jumbo. Click here to see my post about the bag :)

In my makeup bag:
1. Compact Brush + Mirror. 
2. Hey Gorgeous Choc Mint Whipped Mousse in a little jar.
3. 27 Pinkx brush set. I know! I need to clean my brushes!
4. Wet Wipes in a can.
5. Hey Gorgeous lipbalm.
6. eos lipbalm - Summer Fruit.
7. Essence Silky Touch Blush - 02 Babydoll.
8. Avon SuperExtend Infinitize Mascara in Black.
9. Essence Stays No Matter What Eyeliner in Black.
10. Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm in Midnight.
11. Elizabeth Arden: Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss - Red Door Red. See my review on this here.
12. Vicks VapoRub.
13. Catrice Gel Eyeliner in Black.
14. Compact Mirror.
15. Dis-Chem Tissues.

In my bag:
16. My phone. Would you like to see a tutorial on how I made my phone cover? Let me know :).
17. My spectacles because I'm blind as a freaking bat!
18. Blink Mints. Can I get a HOLLA if you love Blink Mints packaging?? HOLLA!!
19. My inhaler.
20. Faux Snake Skin purse from Factorie.
21. Accessorize Perfume - Joy.
22. My iPod Nano.

If you want to know where I got any of the things I carry in my bag or the prices then comment down below :)

I would love to see what's in your bag :) so if you done this tag or are going to do it then comment down below with your link :)

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Have you ever? *Cue Dramatic Music*

Hi everyone,

Two of the most sweetest bloggers that I know posted this "Have you ever?" questionnaire. So, I thought that I should give it a go :).
Check out their blogs:
-  Hipstyler Pretty & Ginger
-  Diva Desle

So, let's get this thang going, Cap'n!

Naeemah, have you ever.....
1.Been pulled over?
No, I still get chauffeured around. Holla!

2.Plucked your eyebrows?
Yes, all the time and that's why my one eyebrow is shorter than the other.
"Eyebrows are not twins, they're more like sisters"
     - Michelle Phan

3.Pulled an all-nighter?
Yes, I have. Sometimes for campus but most of the time because I have internet.

4.Baked a cake?
Does box mixes count? I think it does so yes!

5.Fallen down in public?
Yes. The amount of times that I've fallen in public is countless.
Have you ever met someone that can trip while standing still? No? Well, hi! I'm Naeemah!

6.Been caught making out?

7.Taken a pregnancy test?

8.Broken a bone?
I've done some real stupid stuff but no accidents :)

9.Had braces?
No but I had a retainer.. Does that count?
It was purple, green, white and it had sparkles in it.

10.Gone skinny dipping?
I'm boring.

11.Made a prank call?
Yes, but I'm terrible at it. I always end up laughing before the person even says hello.

12.Screamed during a scary movie?
Does screaming at the actor not to go in the dark room count?

13.Gone out without underwear?
Who came up with these questions?? :\

14.Been arrested?
Again, I'm boring.

15.Opened Christmas presents early?
I'm like Muslim soo uhhmmm...this is awkward lol.
Yes. Awkward.
16.Been in the hospital?
Yes, many times.
I love the hospital actually.

17.Had food come out your nose?
Yes, still happens now..
Have you ever had a piece of carrot stuck in your nose?
Yeah *looks down in shame*

18.Toilet papered someone's house?
Toilet paper is expensive!!

19.Laughed so hard you cried?
Yes. Who hasn't??

20.Burned yourself with a curling iron?
OMG! Yes! Just last week actually. Wanna see pictures?? :D
Click me :)

21.Been hit on by someone too old?
Yes and I shamelessly batted my eyelashes at that dirty old man. Rawr!
LOL! I didn't.
Lumpy Space Princess knows what's up, yo!
22.Eaten food that fell on the floor?
Yes, my room floor is basically my plate.

23.Given a hickey?

24.Shared a sucker with your dog?
No. I shared my lollipop with my cat, though. I know it doesn't count but hey! who doesn't love some useless information, riiiiggghht?
Say Hi to Skippy.
25.Been in an accident?

26.Spied on your neighbors?
Yes, but not intentionally.
They speak real loud and my ears just happened to hear them. Because that's what ears does, right?

27.Lied about your age?

28.Fired a gun?
Yes, I'm a badass.

29.Been drunk?
LOL! No.
My exact response.
30.Gotten a tattoo?
But if I could get a tattoo I would probably get something on my wrist.

Well...that was fun!

I tag you to do the same and leave your post in the comments ^_^
Happy blogging.

Until next time...