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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Event: Hey Gorgeous Brunch

Hi everyone,

Over the weekend I attended the first ever Hey Gorgeous brunch at Dear Me Brasserie.

What is Hey Gorgeous?
Hey Gorgeous specializes in making vegan and organic products suitable for the most sensitive skin. They will alter a product in such a way that it would be unique for your skin type. How amazing is that? Hey Gorgeous always takes their clients unique skin types into consideration.

Their products range from body lotions, mousse and butters to bath bombs, melts and salts. What an amazing variety, right? You can get all your skin care products at one company and get it all at an unbelievably affordable price!

So on arrival I finally got to meet the beautiful Leana. We've been chatting on Twitter and gosh, she is the most sweetest individual ever! So it was such a pleasure to finally meet her! Hey Gorgeous creates a special bond with their clients and that's what I love about them!

Dear Me | Hey Gorgeous Skincare | Leana ♡
I was so thrilled to meet the wonderful woman that does all Hey Gorgeous' designs. Nandi Appleby Williams is an amazing designer and photographer. As a designer myself, it was such an honour to get the opportunity to meet her.

After a little thank you speech made by Leana, we could mingle and sample the products and nom on the yummy brunch that was served to us. The atmosphere was like meeting up with old friends for brunch.
The event was so amazing. It was nice to meet the sweet team behind Hey Gorgeous.

Here are some pictures of the event :)

Yummy products. They smell delish!
Look at that cupcake! Hmm.
Panel 1 (Top Left to bottom Left): Leana and Carishma  Basday | Bellydancer | Myself and Leana
Panel 2 (Middle Top to middle bottom):  Hey Gorgeous Skincare | Yummy goodie bag ^_^
Panel 3 (Right top to right bottom): Chocolate Mint Body Scrub | The gorgeous set up | Spicy Rose whipped mousse | Chocolate Mint mousse
Goodie bag. Yes! It was filled with amazing products | Products my sister and I bought ^_^
The day was good :)

You can find Hey Gorgeous on:
Facebook - Hey Gorgeous
Twitter - @HeyGorgeousSA
Instagram - HeyGorgeousSa

Check out Hey Gorgeous 2013 Brochure here.

Contact Leana at  if you are interested in purchasing these amazingly yummy, low carb products ^_^

Until next time...

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