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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A surprise from NYC: My bestie and some lipbalm

Hi everyone,

So recently, my best friend went to New York and even though I never ask people to bring me things from their trip, I just HAD to ask him for this one thing. Without telling me he actually found it in NYC (sneaky bastard), he just called me saying he has lipbalm for me and that I have to meet him outside :|.

Most of the beauty gurus on YouTube use this lip balm and I've read so many good reviews about it.

What are you talking about, Naeemah?!
The EOS Lip Balm Sphere!
How cute?!
EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is an amazing brand of skin care products. They cater for lips, hands and body.

EOS Lip Balm Sphere:

This product really caught my eye because of its adorable packaging. It's so different and unique compared to the common tube lip balm.

My amazingly sweet bestie got me 4 flavours.
He got me:
 - Summer Fruit (My fav ♡ Yum! )
 - Sweet Mint
 - Lemon Drop with SPF 15 
 - Honeysuckle Honeydew

Bestie is the sweetest.
The EOS Lip Balm Spheres are available in 7 yummy flavours.

- 95% organic
- 100% natural
- Antioxidant-rich vitamin E
- Shea butter and jojoba oil
- Long lasting moisture 
- Smells amazing
- Perfectly designed sphere

- EOS doesn't ship to South Africa 
- eBay will cost a fortune! :(
- It's only 0.25 oz

I am so grateful for this gift. It's kind of sentimental as well. *Sigh* 
My lips are inlove with these amazing little spheres!

Until next time...


  1. You should be ^_^ lol.
    They are just too adorable.

    Btw, thank you for reading this post :)


  2. This is not fair. I always see them in people's Youtube vids and want it. I'm a huge lip product fan. I find that ebay is just a site where people inflate prices because they know that they can make money off people. How I wish I had a bestie like yours!

    Eem x2 lol

    1. LOL!

      The kid is amazing. It was nice seeing him and getting a little gift too :)
      Yes! I wanted to get it from eBay but it's hella expensive.
      Like day light robbery expensive.
      Like stupid expensive.
      And then you must still pay for shipping lol.

      LOL! "Eem x2".. I love it!

      Eem 2
      PS. You're Eem 1.


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