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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Event: Hey Gorgeous Brunch

Hi everyone,

Over the weekend I attended the first ever Hey Gorgeous brunch at Dear Me Brasserie.

What is Hey Gorgeous?
Hey Gorgeous specializes in making vegan and organic products suitable for the most sensitive skin. They will alter a product in such a way that it would be unique for your skin type. How amazing is that? Hey Gorgeous always takes their clients unique skin types into consideration.

Their products range from body lotions, mousse and butters to bath bombs, melts and salts. What an amazing variety, right? You can get all your skin care products at one company and get it all at an unbelievably affordable price!

So on arrival I finally got to meet the beautiful Leana. We've been chatting on Twitter and gosh, she is the most sweetest individual ever! So it was such a pleasure to finally meet her! Hey Gorgeous creates a special bond with their clients and that's what I love about them!

Dear Me | Hey Gorgeous Skincare | Leana ♡
I was so thrilled to meet the wonderful woman that does all Hey Gorgeous' designs. Nandi Appleby Williams is an amazing designer and photographer. As a designer myself, it was such an honour to get the opportunity to meet her.

After a little thank you speech made by Leana, we could mingle and sample the products and nom on the yummy brunch that was served to us. The atmosphere was like meeting up with old friends for brunch.
The event was so amazing. It was nice to meet the sweet team behind Hey Gorgeous.

Here are some pictures of the event :)

Yummy products. They smell delish!
Look at that cupcake! Hmm.
Panel 1 (Top Left to bottom Left): Leana and Carishma  Basday | Bellydancer | Myself and Leana
Panel 2 (Middle Top to middle bottom):  Hey Gorgeous Skincare | Yummy goodie bag ^_^
Panel 3 (Right top to right bottom): Chocolate Mint Body Scrub | The gorgeous set up | Spicy Rose whipped mousse | Chocolate Mint mousse
Goodie bag. Yes! It was filled with amazing products | Products my sister and I bought ^_^
The day was good :)

You can find Hey Gorgeous on:
Facebook - Hey Gorgeous
Twitter - @HeyGorgeousSA
Instagram - HeyGorgeousSa

Check out Hey Gorgeous 2013 Brochure here.

Contact Leana at  if you are interested in purchasing these amazingly yummy, low carb products ^_^

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A surprise from NYC: My bestie and some lipbalm

Hi everyone,

So recently, my best friend went to New York and even though I never ask people to bring me things from their trip, I just HAD to ask him for this one thing. Without telling me he actually found it in NYC (sneaky bastard), he just called me saying he has lipbalm for me and that I have to meet him outside :|.

Most of the beauty gurus on YouTube use this lip balm and I've read so many good reviews about it.

What are you talking about, Naeemah?!
The EOS Lip Balm Sphere!
How cute?!
EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is an amazing brand of skin care products. They cater for lips, hands and body.

EOS Lip Balm Sphere:

This product really caught my eye because of its adorable packaging. It's so different and unique compared to the common tube lip balm.

My amazingly sweet bestie got me 4 flavours.
He got me:
 - Summer Fruit (My fav ♡ Yum! )
 - Sweet Mint
 - Lemon Drop with SPF 15 
 - Honeysuckle Honeydew

Bestie is the sweetest.
The EOS Lip Balm Spheres are available in 7 yummy flavours.

- 95% organic
- 100% natural
- Antioxidant-rich vitamin E
- Shea butter and jojoba oil
- Long lasting moisture 
- Smells amazing
- Perfectly designed sphere

- EOS doesn't ship to South Africa 
- eBay will cost a fortune! :(
- It's only 0.25 oz

I am so grateful for this gift. It's kind of sentimental as well. *Sigh* 
My lips are inlove with these amazing little spheres!

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar

Hi everyone,

If you read my previous post "Long Weekend Spoils" about what I got over the long weekend, you'll see that I got some items from LUSH.

After a hectic day at campus (Yes! I still have campus. It's weird, I know), I deserved a long, hot, bath!

I got out my LUSH products and decided to use The Comforter.

This sweet smelling piece of awesomeness is just a-freaking-ma-zing! It's 200g of pink and white fresh, handmade ingredients. It's R45.50 and it's worth every cent because it lasts long.

I present to you...The Comforter
Break a piece of the bar off and crumble it into the bath and watch the magic happen.

That small piece made the most amazing bubble bath, ever!
It turns the water a bit pink too.

- Yummy smell
- Last long
- Affordable
- Makes a ton of bubbles

- The smell might be too potent for some
- The bubbles doesn't last that long
- It might affect extremely sensitive skin

Definitely going to buy another one once my current one is used.

What's your favourite LUSH product? What would you recommend me? :) 
Let me know, yo.

Until next time...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Long Weekend Spoils: Hi, I'm Naeemah and I'm a thrifty shopper..

Hi everyone,

I hope you had an amazing weekend. I sure did :).
For the past few weeks I've been glued to my laptop, working like a crazy person on acid for test and assignment week at campus.

It's been so hectic. I've been coming home at 12am from campus. Ah! The joys of being a Multimedia student. I love what I study but shew 3rd year is FO'REALS!

I was so excited for the long weekend because I really needed some rest and family time.
My Friday was pretty chilled. I slept early and got the rest I needed.
Saturday my sister decided that we go for Breakfast but that turned into Brunch because I am the Worlds biggest faffer :\

Spoils of Saturday:
B r u n c h - S p u r :

We decided to have brunch at Spur. It was extremely full because it was a Saturday and they were having Youth Day celebrations. It was so fun and colourful! I really enjoyed the atmosphere. My sister and I shared a half a portion of Spur Nachos and then I had the Original Spur Burger. I know, I'm lame. 

DID YOU KNOW? Naeemah from The Jam Jar has never had Spur's steak.. The shame!

Colourful balloons everywhere!
Taken from: My Instagram. Follow me and stuff :)
Spur Nachos.
Yes, please.

L U S H :
I love reading other peoples blogs. I've heard so much good things about LUSH so I decided to buy some of their bath products. I bought a Bubble Bar and a Bath Bomb.
"100% Vegetarian, 83% Vegan, 60% Unpreserved and 38% Naked (No Packaging Required) We do not test on animals."
I fell inlove.
L U S H  S p o i l s :
Space GirlBath Bomb
Like how pretty is this little planet?!
This cute little bath bomb bursts with gold and red glitter and yummy grapefruit oils. It smells like a Fizzer to me actually. It has a luscious blackcurrant smell that is SO potent! My room has the most yummiest smell now that the Space Girl is inhabiting in my cupboard. It's R28.50, which I think is reasonable. You don't have to use it all at once. I plan on splitting mine into two halves.

The Comforter: Bubble Bar
Ah. The Comforter. Yum.
The bubbles are like silk on your body. It feels like you're floating when the bubbles starts to form up. Gosh.
It smells like sweet berries and it really has a strong, lingering smell that makes you feel at ease and hungry for sweet thangs. This bubble bar lasts so long because you break off a piece and crumble it in the tub. A little really goes a LONG way! It retails for R45.50, again, it's reasonable because it lasts long. It's a good investment.

My 1st Lush purchase :D
Spoils of Sunday:
F a t h e r ' s  D a y :
The day before, my sister and I went to Woolworths and bought a ton of goodies for a Father's Day Breakfast at The Jam Jar residence. It was so fun. 
She made pretty platters of Breakfast yummies..

How cute is this??

We made reservations for the family at the Capetonian Hotel to have supper. It was so nice to chill with the family and eat ^_^

Spoils of Monday :
S h o p p i n g  S p r e e :

My favourite day of this long weekend. The past few weeks I've been so busy with campus that I had NO time for myself and today...was MY day :D..

I don't care for brand names. I care about sales and saving money. It is unknown to me why girls spend so much money on a Jersey from TopShop, ZARA, etc.. I can't bring myself to buying things that's overpriced. 
** This is my opinion. I am totes cool if other girls spend tons on a simple top with a fancy brand name **

C o t t o n  O n  S p o i l s :
I love Cotton On. They have the best sales, EVER!
I got some tops for campus and a stud leather bracelet and Sugar Baby Sorbet Lip Balm. 
The total of everything was R350.00. YES! SO MUCH WIN!

The 3 from the left is the same top in 3 different colours.
The one on the right is a mens top. I love mens tops with tights.
Stud Leather Bracelet - R20 | Sugar Baby Sorbet Lip Balm - R10
S a s s  D i v a  S p o i l s :
I went to Sass Diva because they were having a 50% and 75% off sale and I bought these. I bought another skull bracelet but I think I lost it.
Skull Bracelet - R25 | Ring - R10.

J u m b o:

I popped in a factory shop in Bellville as well and this is what I got.
They sell brand name clothing for half of the price and its good quality! Gosh, I am inlove with this store!

Anyone remember this from Cotton On?
Yeah, R 160!
Pumps and booties. I need a new pair of booties for campus and this pair is so cute and comfortable!
I love pumps. I always end up buying a pair when I go out shopping.

Silver pumps - R75 | Black pixie booties - R120
The 2 cardigans have H&M tags on it. It looks pretty legit but I dunno? It's good quality, though. The material is strong and there is no flaws. It was R75 for both cardigans. Bargain! HOLLA!
The mustard top reminds me of old man shirts. It looks awesome with a pair of jeans and some flats. So casual :D..
I neeeded a woolen scarf and I got this pretty one for R22 :D

Cardigans - R75 | Shirt - R59 | Woolen Scarf - R22
I bought these too :') So fluffy, so warm and oh-so comfy!
Cookie Monster Pj Pants - R50 | White Fluffy Slippers (Mr Price) - R40

And that was my weekend.
How was yours? :)

Until next time..