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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Religion & Belief Equality: Acceptance of different Religions = World Peace ☮

Hi everyone,

Today I received a really nasty comment from someone.
I was so upset. I don't feel comfortable sharing this directly with people on my social networks but I will share it with the anonymous people who do find my blog somewhere out there on the interwebs.

There are some really good Christians that I've met and I'm so grateful for them, my campus friends especially. They are an amazing bunch of people. My 2 best friends are actually Christians. They respect my religion and I respect theirs. They don't drink near me, they cater Halaal for me, they would ask my permission to eat or apologise for eating infront of me during the Holy month of Ramadan and for me, those small gestures are really amazing to me.
Bernicia, Curtis, Darian & Heinre.
You guys are amazing.
As I sit here, at 7:58am, with so much rage towards one man and one ignorant comment.
Like I said, there are some really good Christians but then there are some real pricks as well. 
It's people like them that causes conflict towards other religions. It's sad and so pathetic.
I respect everyone's religion and I'm glad the people I know respects other religions too.

It all started with a comment made by me on Burger King's Facebook page. I am not afraid to say what I think and I'm always adding my 2c. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, but this, I thought was really ridiculous.
"Build a bridge and get over it. The bacon story is really lame now. Stop being little brats. It's fine if you choose not to eat at BK because there is no bacon, they're still going to make money, anyways.."
Moments later, I received an inbox message....
"Why don't you start eating bacon? Now the rest of us have to suffer because a minority doesnt..."
Honestly, my first reply was a lengthy message filled with various cusses.

But no, I deleted it and tried to brush it off with a simple yet full of attitude reply,
Get over it."
Why are people still going on about this bacon issue?? I don't understand.
Most of the people complaining hasn't even had Burger King before. Why go on for something that has been set in stone already? It's things like this that irritates me.
YES! I KNOW! I get irritated for silly things. I'm working on it, okay?

Thinking that this whole thing is over, I get a reply at 7:11am saying,
"Typical... dismissive... i send you a bacon sandwich for easter. perhaps it's time to change faith"
I was like... Are you serious right now?? Like really??

My reply says half of what I was actually thinking,
"It's pathetic how you bacon lovers are going on.  
Maybe you should check your own faith because clearly, you have no idea what your faith is about, old man. 
But this is lame and you are arrogant, old and probably incompetent.

Good luck with your bacon issue and the rest of your ignorant life :) 
I was not even addressing the bacon issue and then I get this dumbass reply,
"Oh my own faith is cool with bacon... Because it's not what goes into the mouth that defiles u... But rather what is in your heart that defiles u... it's all about focus.. good luck with heaven... U might find out a bit late that you followed the wrong prophet... have bacon luscious day"
The latter of this ignorant prick's reply was what ticked me off...
Attacking someone else's religion is racism. It's an actual crime. And here this idiot makes like it's nothing.
Nevermind the childishness, but attacking someone's religion because you can't deal with a restaurant not having bacon is just pathetic. I feel sorry for this man. I hope he will receive some sort of guidance from God to make him realise how bad his mindset is.

Judging by the way he looks, he seems to be in his late 40s.
Aren't you suppose to be smarter, Mr Pig Lover?
Doesn't your religion / value and morals teach you to respect other people and their beliefs?

People like Mr Pig Lover are one of the reasons why there isn't World peace.
Life would be so much better if people could just accept other peoples religions.
I will never push my religion on a non-Muslim because that is basically attacking their faith.
I would enlighten but never force.

I love my Muslim friends. I love my Christian friends. I love my Hindu friends. Heck! I love my friends who aren't sure what they believe in yet, too. I love and respect them.
Why can't people stop living in the dark ages and accept things?

I'm sorry for this rant. I need to get it off my chest.
Thank you for reading it, though ♡.

Until next time...


  1. Its absolutely horrible. I see so many ignorant comments on the BK page and I want to comment but I don't because I know those people will get punished by their creator for insulting others religions.
    Don't let it get you down. I was once told to go back to my country :/ I was born and raised in Cape Town! I don't understand how people can be that nasty.

    I think you handled the situation really well.

    Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

    1. It's sad. The worse part is that the people making those comments are all grown ups. You figure that they would be mature and understanding about the BK "issue".

      What?! That's terrible! I seriously hope that the person who told you that gets some guidance from God because that's just pathetic.

      Thank you.


    2. Okay, I am speechless. And apparantly living under a rock. Complaining about bacon?? Seriously.

      I do not understand how people can have such hatred towards others because of their beliefs, background, skin colour, language or religion. What is wrong with people?

      I am so sorry that you had to experience this Naeemah. And to Amina… I have no words, sweetie.

      I pray that people like these will come to their senses. They must live such lonely lives.

    3. Yes! It was really pathetic!

      The sad part is that some people don't see others as an individual but part of a "something" like religion, race, etc. So that one bad apple can put shame onto the rest of the apples.

      We live in a cruel World, unfortunately.



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