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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Part 2: The Justin Bieber Experience

The Justin Bieber Experience 

So my father picked me up at 4:52pm from campus and we got to the stadium at around 5:30pm. It was packed!
It was my 1st stadium concert and I was hella excited!

Field Area - It had its perks.
How did all of this happen?? Just a few hours ago I was at campus, having a normal day and now I'm at a Justin Bieber concert. WTH?? The spirit was there, the fans were all dressed, the atmosphere was amazing.

We went to stand by our area because it was almost 7:00pm and we at least wanted to see the screens and not the back of excited Belieber's heads. We met a few girls that were so sweet. We formed a pack to make sure that no one shoves their way through us to stand infront of us lol. Luckily, the girls we were with were way taller than us and they allowed us to stand infront of them. Sweet, right?

ChianoSky was the first act. I didn't really know most of the songs she sang but she was amazing. She sounded so surreal.

She tweeted the order of the concert.
Exciting, right?
(Image from: ChianoSky's twitter)
She is so gorgeous with her red hair!
(Image from: Big Concerts)
And then it was the amazingly hot twins, Locnville. OhMyWord. They were just on fire on the stage! They totally controlled the crowd! I'm glad they done most of their older songs because I kind of lost interest in them. But they were awesome. 

They instagram'd this picture moments after the show.
Follow them on instagram
(Image from:  Locnville's instagram)
We waited the longest time for this moment. The clock counted down from 10 and with each 1 that passed the crowd got even crazier. At the 10 second mark, everyone counted down and at 1 the lights went bright, the sound went louder, after a brief intro.......Justin Bieber appeared.
The crowd went insane! I went insane! Justin Bieber was just on point last night! He killed it! He is an amazing performing! 

My favourite songs he performed were; All Around The World, Never Say Never, Beauty And A Beat, As Long As You Love Me and Boyfriend.

When he sang Baby everyone was singing along. I'm sure I was holding hands with some stranger while singing Baby, but it was a-ma-ziiiinnngggg, yo!
Justin Bieber performing.
(Image from: Big Concerts)
My 1st stadium concert was beyond amazing. It felt surreal. I saw Justin Bieber on stage, live, performing for his Beliebers. *Le sigh* I will never forget yesterday. Each moment was so spectacular, even when I got shoved around by little Beliebers.

Set List:
All Around The World 
Take You 
Catching Feelings 
One Time 
Eenie Meenie 
Somebody To Love 
Love Me Like You Do 
She Don't Like The Lights 
Die in Your Arms 
Out Of Town Girl 
Be Alright 
Never Say Never 
Beauty and a Beat 
One Less Lonely Girl 
As Long As You Love Me 

Here's my Justin Bieber - BELIEVE tour collage:

The Justin Bieber Experience  ♡
Taken with: Samsung Galaxy SIII
The concert was spectacular.
No words can really explain how surreal last night was.
I wish I had my DSLR with me :(

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