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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Part 1: Did I just.......???

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was such a blur. When I woke up at 6:30am I had no idea that my sister and I will be attending the Justin Bieber BELIEVE tour in Cape Town that night. I really wanted to go because I think Justin Bieber is an excellent performer judging by his live performances on YouTube.

It was a normal day for me. I was still joking in the car on my way to campus about Justin Bieber's concert and how crazy the Beliebers are going to be. I got to campus on this average morning at 8:45am just to get told our lecture has been pushed back to 11:30am. I chilled with my best bud and had a little nap in between while waiting for the lecture to start.

11:30am came I went to class and immediately went on Facebook to check my notifications. I love entering Facebook competitions and yesterday was the day I won my biggest and most memorable thing ever.

Mat and May, a trendy accessories company, had just updated their status saying,
 "Anybody want to win a ticket to the Justin Bieber concert in Cape Town tonight? All you have to do is visit our twitter page and tweet your favourite Mat & May accessory to stand a chance to win."
In my head I was like, "HELLS-FREAKING-YEAH". I really wanted to win these tickets because I've been trying since February to win tickets to the concert and with each attempt I failed hopelessly. 

I went on Twitter and started tweeting them like my life depended on it!!!
I was VERY persistent...
Twitter Feed :|

Eventually it was 2:00pm... They made things more interesting by tweeting, 
"Hey guys, the Justin Bieber deal just got sweeter!The winner will now get 2 tickets to tonight's show in Cape Town. See our twitter page and tweet your favourite Mat & may accessory"
I tweeted and tweeted and tweeted...until.............
I was like, "Did i just win Justin Bieber tickets?????"
I ran out of class to phone my sister and start to make arrangements for the night. 
After that everything happened so quickly. It was such a rush.....


  1. hey Naeemah! I'm your newwest follower. cute blog! and i like ur sense of humour :) xo. Thandi from

    1. Hey Thandi!

      Wow! I always LOVE reading comments like this!
      Thank you so much,hun!

      I followed you right back :) Loving your blog! Can't wait to read some more!



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