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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Favourite: YouTube Vloggers ♡

Hi everyone,

There are some cons in having uncapped internet. Uncapped basically means sleepless nights of YouTube for me.

I have a few favourite beauty gurus / vloggers that I can seriously watch all day, everyday!
I do prefer vlogging / haul videos actually.
Most of the beauty gurus that I love are actually vloggers which makes things SO much better lol.

1.Samantha Sharene-Maria
"Bits & Bobs"
A.K.A - Sammi / The Beauty Crush                                                        
(Beauty Guru / Vlogger)

She's a 23 year old Vlogger from London. She is English, Guyanese & Chinese... Yep, a little mixed beauty.
She is so funny and adorable! I love watching her videos. She does fun tags like, monthly favourites, lookbook, about me, boyfriend, hauls, etc. She's just so real, so free spirited, she's so happy that it makes me happy when I see watch her videos!

The SammiMaria Show
Vlog Channel.
Beauty Crush.
Beauty Guru Channel.
2. Ricky Lee Richards
A.K.A Ricky Richards / Ricky
(Vlogger / How-to / YouTube personality)

Agh, this handsome young English bloak...He has my heart on YouTube ♡. 
He is a 23 year old Vlogger from London as well. His channel is basically about his life and his beautiful girlfriend (Sammi. Yep, two gorgeous people in a relationship...Imagine their babies!) I'm pretty sure in one video he mentioned that he is an Indian guy that grew up in the UK. He talks about things how to deal with certain things in a young adults life. 

For a guy.. He is pretty gorgeous...
Yeah! I said it!
3. Jenna Mourey
A.K.A Jenna Marbles
(Vlogger / Entertainer / YouTube personality / Blogger)

If you haven't heard about Jenna Marbles before, you do not deserve to have internet access...ever!!!
She is a 26 year old entertainer from Rochester, New York, United States. This amazingly sporty female is not only beauty but she has the brains too. She attended Suffolk University, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and then WAIT FOR her Masters of Education in Sport Psychology and Counseling at Boston University. She has two dogs, Mr. Marbles (chihuahua) and Kermit (italian greyhound), that she always drags into her videos lol. I can relate a lot to her regards to what pisses her off so we're like basically virtual bffs already...

YouTube Channel.
Hey, LOOK! There's Mr Marbles.

Jenna's Blog.
5. Jarmaine Santiago
A.K.A JLovesMac1
"Protect your cookie"
(Vlogger / How-to / YouTube personality / Beauty Guru)

This woman...shew...
I have so much love for her. Honestly, this is going to sound so corny but she is really my inspiration to make YouTube videos. Even though I only have one at the moment, it will pick up eventually.
She is a 23 year old Filipina beauty who stays in Los Angeles. She studied  Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing Program at FIDM.
She is amazing. She cusses a lot but that's what I love about her lol.

Vlogging Channel.
Beauty Guru Channel.
Until next time...

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