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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wishlist: May ♡

Hi everyone,

The year is going extremely quick and this really saddens me for various but there's one particular reason that really makes me sad and upset. But anyways...

Happy 1st of May ♡.

Beautiful May on Tumblr.

This is my wishlist for the month of May.
It's things I really hope to get this month...

May's Wishlist ♡

♡ 1. Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj ♡
This perfume is hitting Edgars the 20th of May. I am uber excited! I love Nicki Minaj. I think she is so beautiful.

♡ 2. Sony Xperia Z ♡
My BlackBerry is falling apart and I think it's time for an upgrade!

♡ 3. Typo A5 Gold printed skull ♡
I love Typo. It's my favourite stationery shop ever. As a designer, walking into that shop really gets me so excited!

♡ 4. Lomography 120 Mixed Film 3-pack ♡
Recently I got a lomography camera and I played around with normal film just to see how different it is from digital and to get use to it before buying this 3-pack which is a bit expensive.

♡ 5.Typo "Never let anyone dull your sparkle" pencil bag ♡
Once again, I love Typo and I LOVE galaxy prints. It's so magical and surreal.

♡ 6. Typo Jumbeau black skull water bottle ♡
I feel like my purple Relay CoolGear water bottle just isn't enough. I need another water bottle in my life, man!

♡ 7. Galaxy & Skeleton leggings ♡
I like wearing leggings during winter with Uggs or biker boots.
I tend to get too hot if I dress too thick for winter. I feel frumpy and stuffy if I dress too thick -_-
I love galaxy prints! It's beautiful.
Kat Von D instagram'd a picture of her Skeleton leggings and I fell inlove! It looked so cool!

Let me know what's your wishlist for this month, yo☺

Until next time.

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