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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Review: Myog | Geniune Frozen Yogurt

Hi there,

So a few Sundays ago, I got up really early, went for a beautiful walk along Sea Point Promenade and had frozen yogurt for breakfast. YEP! I HAD FROZEN YOGURT FOR BREAKFAST! I indulged in a cup of passion fruit frozen yogurt topped with freshly cut fruit and muesli :D.
Myog is one of the healthier options when it comes to frozen yogurt. Their frozen yogurt is locally sourced and contains high-quality ingredients. As for their flavoured frozen yogurt, it's made with natural and pure ingredients. Myog uses Stevia, which is a 100% natural sweetener, to sweeten their frozen yogurt, meaning their delicious frozen yogurt is made with 0% refined sugar. This is basically why I didn't feel bad for having frozen yogurt for breakfast :).

Majority of their flavours are sugar free, some of their sugar free frozen yogurts are:
Coffee, Cinnamon, Coconut, Berry, Lemon, Mango, Rooibos, Chocolate, Lemon and Peanut butter.
And if you want to be just a lil' teeny tiny bit naughty then try their plain flavour which has 117 Kcal, 2.5% Fat, 4.5% Protein and 0% Refined sugar (per 100g) and top it up with yummy freshy cut fruits and nuts as toppings. Myog's flavoured frozen yogurt ranges from sweet chocolately to smooth fruity flavours so there's a flavour to suit everyones tastebuds.
Not only do they do frozen yogurt but you can order a yummy smoothie that contains fresh ingredients and their frozen yogurt or try a cup of their Yoffee which is an alternative to a cappuccino that contains a shot of Nespresso coffee with a dollop of Myog frozen yogurt.

Price wise, Myog is actually pretty affordable. You can order two large cups with toppings for less than R100! and the toppings per cup is unlimited, it's basically how much toppings you can fit in one cup lol. They're not really skimpy when it comes to portion size, hey.
Myog currently has 3 stores situated in Cape Town:
- Kloof Street, Gardens  
- Regent Road, Seapoint
- Plein Street, Stellenbosch

Follow Myog on various SNS for flavour updates and competitions:

Myog has a weekly competition on Instagram where you can score some cool prizes!
All you have to do is visit Myog, take a picture (frozen yogurt, coffee, smoothie, selfie in Myog) post it on Instagram, tag @myog_sa and you'll get entered to win!

A big thank you to Myog for the gift voucher :)

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